A 2188 km week-long trip through Gujarat & Rajasthan in a Bolero Neo

I googled things to do in Ahmedabad and one thing caught my attention. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

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Due to our busy schedules, we didn't have any time to discuss where we would go to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. So we just decided we will get the leaves approved and decide the location later.

30 June: Packing

On Sunday, June 30, we dropped my sister-in-law off at the airport and began our journey home at 3:30 pm. In Maharashtra, there is a tradition known as 'Wari' or 'Palkhi,' where thousands of devotees carry the Palkhi to Pandharpur, believing that the saints are going there to meet 'Vitthala.' When the Palkhi passes through Pune, most of the main roads used by the procession are closed to traffic from 6 am to 10 pm. Unfortunately, I miscalculated a few things and got stuck in traffic for six hours. I reached home with a sore left leg, primarily due to constant use of the clutch.

Now, at 10:30 pm we started packing and while packing I tried convincing Wify that Mount Abu and Mahabaleshwar are the same so let's go to Mahabaleshwar. She smiled and at 7 am the next day we left for Mount Abu.

1 July: Pune-Nashik-Ahmedabad

When we are traveling long distances, we prefer covering at least 700 kms in a day so we can reach our destination early but this time the trip was more for relaxation and less for exploration so we decided we would take a stop when we felt like.

Started from Pune at 7 am sharp. Did a tank full to the brim.

  • ODO: 37090 kms
  • Distance since last tank full (trip A): 524.9 kms
  • Fuel: 37.43 lts

We decided to make a breakfast stop in Narayangaon at our usual place but as we were lost in conversations, I missed the turn and we ended up taking a stop near Sangamner.

TIP: If you are travelling to Pune-Nashik, you have to take a stop at Hotel Parivar in Narayangaon and try their KADHI WADA and MISAL PAV. Attaching the location for reference. https:/

We made a stop at Sundar Bhel and Misal Corner. I love their Misal too, I am dropping a location here:

With full energy, we started our journey towards Nashik.

It's been 18 months since I've driven 39k kms with this beauty (Bolero Neo) but I never tried using the ECO mode on highways as it kills power and it feels like I am driving an underpowered CNG car. But, for the first time I tried ECO mode with the cruise set on 90 kmph, and boy oh boy, the MID started displaying 20+ kmpl. I was surprised to see these figures.

We decided to go Via Saputara just to avoid the Mumbai Traffic, Rain, and Bad road conditions between Mumbai to Vapi.

Somewhere after Saputara.

The second tank full to the brim was done at Reliance Jio Pump in Gujarat:

  • ODO: 37551 km
  • Trip A: 461.9 km
  • Fuel: 26.44 lts
  • FE: 17.47 kmpl

We had an amazing Kathiyawadi lunch in Navsari and left Navsari at 4 pm. With increased truck traffic the speed slowed down a bit. At around 7:30 pm, we were in Vadodara and we decided to continue to Ahmedabad and stay there for the night.

We checked in at Radhe Upvan Resort in Ahmedabad sharp at 9 pm. The property was amazing and the rooms were nice, the food and rates were also good.

Dent on Pocket: 3k for Stay and 700 for food.

2 July: Ahmedabad - Mount Abu

While my better half was getting ready, I googled things to do in Ahmedabad and one thing caught my attention. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

My wife and I are car freaks, we drool on cars. So it was an easy decision, we left for the Museum.

Had an amazing breakfast at Bhajiya Wale.

After having breakfast, we walked into the museum at around 10:30 and spent the best 2 hours of our lives there. Clicked so many pictures for BHPians till my phone battery died. Will post pictures in another write-up dedicated to the Vintage car collection. Till then Enjoy a few pictures here.

Sixty Special Cadillac Fleetwood.

This beauty, I have no words for this one. I was behaving like a 5 year old kid looking at this car. My wife had to literally drag me away from it after 20 mins.

Here is some info about the museum:

We left the museum at 12:30 and headed towards Mount Abu.

Reached Mount Abu at around 5 pm

We did not make any booking beforehand so had to look around for rooms. Checked in at Hotel CHACHA INN which had a good review on Google. I think the rooms were average and highly overpriced.

Dent on pocket: 6k for a night.

Hotel Hilltone had just 2 rooms available out of which one was small in size and the other was far from reception, but the rooms were good and value for money IMPO.

The funny thing was the hotel names in Mount Abu: Chacha Inn, Kaka Inn, Dada Inn

Breakfast at Chacha Inn was decent.

Had a good laugh at

Points visited in Mount Abu:

Nakki Lake

Toad Rock

Travor Tank

Driving to Travor Tank was an amazing experience. I switched off the car and let gravity do the magic so we could enjoy the bird songs. Traver Tank is a manmade breeding lake for Crocodiles. We got to see one from a distance.

We had lunch after exploring these places and started thinking about what next. Do we check in to another hotel, or do we go back from here or something else? While having lunch I opened Google map to see the nearby places and I saw Udaipur just 160ish kms away

Don't judge me but this trip was supposed to be like this. We just wanted to do whatever we felt like doing. At the moment we felt like heading to Udaipur and at 8:30 pm we were relaxing at The Fern, Udaipur.

3-4 July: Ahmedabad - Mount Abu

The Fern Udaipur is a nice place to stay, they asked for 5500/- including breakfast and we closed it at 4000/- without breakfast. Made the booking for 2 nights.

Points Explored in Udaipur:

  • Sajjan Garh - Tickets for you and your Car
  • Sajjan Garh Bio Park - Tickets for you and Golf Cart (800 for private and 118 per person for shared cart)
  • Shilpgram- 100/- person. Nice place if you want to experience the village culture of Rajasthan.
  • Lake Pichola
  • Fateh Sagar Lake

Must have things:

Maas from Khamma Ghani Restaurant

Malai Ghewar from Jodhpur Misthan

By the day's end, Bolero reminded me that she was running on reserved fuel.

  • ODO: 38201 km
  • Trip A: 649.2 m
  • Fuel: 41.10 lts
  • FE: 15.79 kmpl

5 July: Udaipur - Navsari

We started from Udaipur and decided to take the Indore route so we could enjoy the Sarafa Bazar food but after crossing Udaipur wife said she wanted to have the Egg dishes I keep on praising her whenever I visit Navsari for my work. So we asked Google Aunty to reroute and guide us to Navsari so we could have Anda Gotala and Garib Rath

Both dishes were amazing.

On the way Refuel:

  • ODO: 38394 km
  • Trip A: 193.2 km
  • Fuel: 10.46 lts
  • FE: 18.47 kmpl

We checked in at the Royal Regency Navsari. The rental was 2000 for a Super Delux room.

6 July: Navsari - Nashik - Pune

I collected Fresh Fafda from Shakti Fafda. (You need to order one day in advance Mobile Number: Bunty Bhai: 9825549446

Visited a Diamond diamond-cutting polishing Factory in Navsari as Wify wanted to see how do they Polish diamonds.

After spending a good time at the factory we started our return journey.


  • ODO: 38825 km
  • Trip A: 430.5 km
  • Fuel: 24.57 lts
  • FE: 17.57 kmpl

Had lunch in Saputara, and decided we would make a stop at Saptashrungi Mata Temple at Vani.

It was foggy with visibility till 10-15 feet while going up the ghat section. We went via ropeway which was very convenient. Attended 7 pm Sanj Aarti and came down by Ropeway.

Now the tricky part started. Because it was dark and foggy the visibility had dropped to 7-10 feet. Whenever you face such a situation, turn the fog lamps on, use a dipper, adjust the headlight levels to the Lowest position, and keep the Google map running which will give you an idea about the approaching turns.

Once this is done, you need to concentrate on the road surface to observe reflectors, if there are no reflectors then white marks and keep moving slowly.

We had dinner at Burger King at College Road in Nashik and started for Pune at 10:30 pm.

At 11:56 pm, we completed 2000 kms of this amazing trip.

At 1:56 am, Parked the car was parked in parking with 2187.7 km on the trip meter.

Last fuel up to calculate the mileage:

  • ODO: 39232 km
  • Trip A: 406.9 km
  • Fuel: 25.32 lts
  • FE: 16.07 kmpl

We missed on a lot of spots, but that was never a purpose behind this trip. It was supposed to be a spontaneous and mind-relaxing journey. We lived every moment of it.

Bolero Neo proved itself yet again. Every kilometer I add on ODO, I fall in love more and more with it. In the past 18 months, we have travelled through 8 states and 39k+ kms together and Bolero has never failed to impress me.

I have installed suspension buffers by Roger, to contain the body roll. They are working perfectly but my wife and I are feeling the urge to upgrade the suspensions, considering ARC suspension after I saw the improvement in my friend's THAR on our SPITI trip. Let's see how it goes.

The ECO mode was never used prior to this trip and I regret it now The mileage figures are just amazing after using the ECO mode, and Cruise at 90 kmph.

Next trip?

Southern part of India.


Some Saturday @ 6 am

Till then, Cheers!!

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