2.20 lakh km run 1st gen Ford Endeavour 3.0L SUV: Buy or not?

The guy is selling this because they have just bought a new Gloster. They already have a Gloster, XUV500, Thar, Ecosport, Magnite in their garage.

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Dear BHPians,

I have been reading this forum for well over 10 years now, but this will be my 1st real post.

I own a Honda City (2012) and I wanted to modify my amazing City. It was a pre-owned car which I bought in 2015 and I am using it for 7 years without any trouble at all.

I underwent a Bypass surgery last year, and my life changed after that. I do travel a lot to Ahmedabad and Mumbai by road, and my wife is not comfortable anymore with that, and she wants me to upgrade to an SUV. I wanted to check Thar out but came across my favourite SUV.

I couldn't afford an SUV back in those days, and now I have this chance to own and enjoy this SUV for a few more years.


  • First Owner
  • 4X2 3 litre Hurricane
  • Full insurance
  • Very well maintained with a proper history
  • PUC
  • Still using the vehicle for their family trips to Goa and Mumbai
  • No accident

Immediate expense if I buy this monster:

  • Tyres
  • 4 power window motors
  • Spare wheel cover as its broken
  • Seat covers

I have talked with the owner. A very genuine guy, I have some common friends as well and he is willing to drop the price slightly due to that. (Rs.3,90,000). The guy is selling this because they have just bought a new Gloster. They already have a Gloster, XUV500, Thar, Ecosport, Magnite in their garage.

I took it to a workshop owned by my friend, and he said that the car is absolutely fit and could be purchased. His concerns are the spare parts and the kilometres the ODO shows through - 220,000. He says numbers are not an issue, but if something happens, maintenance can be expensive. Plus, there are very few guys on the highway who will touch it if something happens during the trips.

My gut is telling me to go for it, but everyone else sane around me is telling me to look for a Fortuner or Innova.

Can you guys please help me decide?

Thank you.

Here's what BHPian CliffHanger had to say on the matter:

Never buy used cars from manufacturers that left the country.

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

A matter of the heart - please skip!

The last thing you want is more 'aches because of this thing in your life. Not suggesting any particular vehicle as such but look for ease of use, ease of ownership and most importantly running costs - if that matters.

A fuel-efficient diesel crossover would be ideal, considering running costs.

Here's what BHPian HighRevving had to say on the matter:

It has run 2,20,000 KMs. It's a Ford (no proper support from the manufacturer).

Buying a car from a genuine-sounding person who has a wide garage helps only so much. Even if this car is fairly reliable in its current state, any major repair may force you to park it in the workshop for weeks, if not months owing to part availability. I would call this a pure gamble and suggest staying out of it.

Consider buying a 4x2 Fortuner that has run much lesser instead, it will be reliable or at least, Toyota will promptly fix it for you.

Here's what BHPian funkykar had to say on the matter:

If your heart wants the Endy, just go for it. If the seller is genuine and trustable, get a detailed checkup done at any authorized showroom and buy it. As you are paying too small an amount, set aside 2x of that amount in mind for a worst-case scenario. Great chances are you won't need to spend those bucks.

This Endy is too good. Very rugged and the parts last very long. I had done a Bangalore Ladakh Bangalore on this in 2011 (it had already done 1.8L km). 7 people on board, luggage everywhere including the roof. Imagine 7 people and a 22-day road trip. This has been the best SUV experience for me ever.

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