2,30,000 km with my 2011 Toyota Innova 2.5: Service update

12.55 kmpl returned by a 2494 cc BS3 diesel engine, while using BS6 diesel fuel in the year 2024, made me happy.

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Long Drive, Best Mileage & 230,000 km Service Updates:

So, here I will be penning down the recent 10,000 km interval periodic service experience, as usual, at Amana Toyota, Kasaragod. Before I write about the service and the cost breakup, let me tell you about the best fuel economy my Innova returned in recent times as well as the drive to my hometown.

On 04-Jul-2024 at 01:50 pm, I left ITPL, Bengaluru (my workplace) for the 380 km long drive to my hometown. It was slightly cloudy that day but no signs of rain during the trip start. As usual, my route was ITPL, KR Puram, OMR, Kengeri, Mysuru, Kushalnagara, Madikeri, Sullia, Jalsoor, and Kasaragod. It took around 01:45 hrs to reach Kengeri, thanks to the traffic jams & poorly managed signal system of Bengaluru. I also took a fuel stop here at Nayara, Kengeri, and around 10 liters of diesel was filled till full tank. Then, as the journey continued, somewhere in Ramnagara, it showered heavily, and I could see at a far away distance how it was raining as well as beauty. Could not capture it due to obvious reasons (I was driving and alone), but the view was a treat to the eyes.

But wait, I captured this beautiful ODO reading midway in the Expressway!

During this drive, I did have the urge to test the mileage but at the same time, I wanted to rev a little harder to cruise happily at 100 kmph, with the engine roaring. Then I realised, what will I achieve with a little more speed during such long drives!? So, I came back to the average 80-90 kmph, while I relished my eyes over the beauty of the entire Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway drive, as usual.

At 05:30 pm, I reached Mysuru and was very hungry. I had skipped my lunch that afternoon, oh god! Once at Mysuru, I badly wanted to have "Ragi Mudde". Searched for a few hotels who offer this dish, but could not find a decent one & I prefer a pure vegetarian hotel during travel (I am an eggitarian by the way). After a few failed attempts, I decided to get into a random hotel somewhere between Mysuru and Hunsur. That's when I saw a board of "Aroha Hotel". Decided to hop in, and they had a decent 4W parking.

Since I was in Mysuru, how can I miss eating Mysuru Masala Dosa, so here it was.

After some editing of the pics and videos I took & posting them on Instagram, I left for the next part of the drive: towards home. From here, the real fun of shifting gears began, which I admire: be it in a wheeler or two-wheeler. In between, I encountered some squids who, for no reason, rushed from either side of me with their Bajaj NS200 and a Yamaha MT15. That too without any kind of safety gear (even a helmet), proper number plates & road sense. I wonder how on earth these squids be tracked if they happen to commit any mishap on the road & run away. Recalling a few dashcam incidents available in online portals, where the local squids/drunkards always blame the outsider even when the outsider has not made any mistake, still scares me!

The drive was all smooth and I enjoyed it a lot: own company and an OG Innova. I do not dream of anything else at this moment, drives like this make me and my inner kid happy! Once I reached Jalsoor and entered Kerala, there was an IOCL petrol bunk. I again did a full tank here, do not recall the exact time but it was around 10:20 pm. I was actually looking to get the full tank from a nearby Nayara bunk, but they were closed. But wait, even this IOCL outlet sells diesel for the same rate sold in Karnataka. Since the bunk was open late at night and I have seen a lot of them depending on this bunk, I proceeded ahead with a full tank. And you know what, I got the best mileage after a very long time. See below screenshot for the figure:

12.55 kmpl returned by a 2494 cc BS3 diesel engine, while using BS6 diesel fuel in the year 2024, made me happy. I am not sure how much mileage other owners of the same model Innova get these days, but this figure made me more than happy!

Finally, at 11:15 pm, I reached my home (Kasaragod) safely. It was drizzling slightly by then.

In the coming week, our new housewarming ceremony will take place and Innova will be the champ who will be doing the airport/bus stop/railway station runs at Mangaluru. Apart from this, Innova will be used to carry the necessary ceremony equipment, dress, etc to the new home at Mangaluru. By the time I reached my hometown on the day of a long drive, the ODO reading was already at 230257 km. So, I wanted the major 10000 km periodic service to be done, along with the installation of the mudflap which I had brought from Whitefield Toyota (more details on previous (My 2011 Toyota Innova 2.5L | Long-Term Ownership Review | 220,000 km) post of this thread).

I quickly booked an appointment for 06-Jul-2024 at Amana, Toyota the previous day. However, I did not get any call from the driver who was supposed to come for the pick-up from home. No problem, I could understand the current monsoon situation. So, that morning, I myself drove her to the ASC which is 20 km from my home. I reached the ASC at 09:10 am.

I was attended to by the front receptionist, who showed the booking from Toyota's i-Connect app. She verified it from a list that had the appointments for that day. Soon, she assigned an SA (Mr. Aneesh) to attend my Innova. We both went towards the car, he took the driver's seat, fired her up, and was doing the checklist. They now use a tab, rather than the old-school paper pen method. I informed him about the mud flap which needs to be fit, and he agreed. In addition, I also requested for the old mudflaps (3 pieces) to be returned.

I clarified the following points with him, and was quite impressed with the answer I received:

  • Front Door Sound: When the front windows (driver and co-passenger) are slightly rolled down, it makes a continuous rattling noise. Upon adjusting the window roll slightly, the noise goes off at some gap. SA informed that these tend to happen with old vehicles, due to wear and tear. This can be fixed by replacing the assembly, which would cost a little more on the pocket. So, I denied it, as this is not a major issue for me since I drive mostly with windows rolled up completely.
  • Engine Additive(s): Due to the government's hatred towards old diesel engines (vehicles), I checked with him if Toyota does supply any sulphur additives for the fuel tank. Sulphur is required in BS3 engines for lubrication but as per my research, the amount of sulphur in the BS6 diesel fuel sold currently is not sufficient. SA informed that it is not required for Innova because many Innova's on the road are clocking kilometers without an effect on the engines and we have not seen any. So, this should not be an issue at all.
  • Tailgate Struts: Both of the struts have become weak. A little more energy is required while closing the tailgate, failing this will cause the door to not lock itself completely. SA informed me that this should not be an issue, since it is still working fine (goes all the way up automatically, but slowly). When you feel hardness in future days, you can replace them. I agreed.
  • Driver Seat Rattling Sound: During the curves at Coorg, I could hear single clicks from the front side of the seat track. When I was driving on a sharp left turn, I could hear a click and the seat was slightly getting tilted towards the right and vice versa. When I said this to SA, he assured me that is totally fine and should not pose any danger. And, yes, I trust his words now! Let's see.

After all this, he gave me an estimate of around ₹9300/-. I agreed and felt the estimate was not too high considering this was a major service. The SA requested me to wait till the car gets services, but I thought why should I wait till the afternoon? Neither do I have my laptop to hop into to pass the time. So, I left for my home by bus after their drop-off Etios dropped me at the nearby bus stop. I also reminded the SA that I needed the vehicle the same day. So, if possible, please arrange the drop off at my home once the work is done today. He agreed and said would inform me over the phone after confirmation.

When I was on the bus, I was getting live updates about the status of the work being carried (vehicle arrived, accepted, work in progress, etc) but I did not worry much. Midway, when I was on the bus, SA called me and said "sir, your vehicle is ready to be collected in an hour or so. It is being sent to wash now". My mind: you serious?

I did not feel like going back and collecting as I had other commitments. Meanwhile, the SA called and confirmed that a driver would drop the vehicle at my home, post their lunch and I agreed.

Here are the screenshots I took from the i-Connect app, showing the start and end of vehicle service (with timings):

It took them 2 hours to inspect the vehicle, do the oil change, air filter check, and the basic checklist that they follow for a vehicle. This turnaround time impressed me and I cannot expect the same service from United Toyota, Mangaluru. They are just pathetic in every way. Had a lot of bad experiences with them: in terms of service, customer friendliness & attitude.

By 03:00 pm, I get a call from the drop-off driver asking for a precise location. Viola, the vehicle is in front of my home within 10 minutes after this call. I paid the amount in cash & he left.

Below is the cost breakup of the 'n'th periodic service:

However, the final bill turned out to be ₹10877/- as they had replaced both the front wipers of Bosch which I had changed a few months back. They did not last as long as I expected. Maybe, my usage of wiper decreased the life, I am not sure about this.

Looking at the remarks in page 2, I can see that the Brake Pads will require a change in the next service, which will be after 5000 km. Not major, but the inspection service. Planning to buy Brembo brake pads, but not finalised yet. Will keep you posted about this accordingly.

The same day, it was also time for the 4000 km interval wheel alignment. Took her all the way to Yogi's tire house, who have been doing this job for all our vehicles at home since my Dad's first Maruti Suzuki Omni. Top notch work quality, quick job, and perfect alignment diagnosis.

Found a parking slot near to another Innova, of the same type as mine. It was a difficult time for me: which Innova to stare at! After the alignment, I went home and parked her safely under the shed. The light blue metallic paint looks even more eye-catching during the monsoons.

Feel so good to own and drive a simple yet powerful machine that is reliable as hell, if maintained well and taken good care of. If any of you readers own a vehicle of the 2010-2015 era, just maintain it well till the government regulations do not allow them on roads. I always like to maintain a machine well rather than change it very often and contribute to unnecessary increases in carbon footprint!

Drive safe!


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