3 lakh km experience with Tata Safari: Enthusiast shares his insights

The Safari Storme eats bad roads without much drama & returns impressive fuel efficiency figures too.

BHPian PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Congratulations on the purchase!

The Storme is a very good car if you do a lot of miles. It is car-like to maneuver and pretty easy to drive. The engine is also a workhorse (I have 3.2 lakh km experience with it).

About the ride quality, there has been no other car that I have been in, which eats bad roads without much drama like the Storme does. I have done multiple 800km a day drives and came out as fresh as I started.

There is absolutely no vertical movement on pathetic roads if you keep the speed above 30kmph. Lateral movement, of course, will be there if you drive it like you drive a Baleno or any small hatch. It is a tall car and it definitely moves laterally.

Regarding fuel efficiency, Storme is one of those big 2+ tonners that actually return very impressive figures.

Though I don't think 12 kmpl inside Mumbai traffic is possible, the car definitely is capable of a very decent 15 kmpl on highways at 90-100 kmph cruising and 10 kmpl even in B2B traffic.

I have a Varicor 400 (6 gears, more torque and BHP, so quieter and more fuel efficient). Here is the actual Tank to tank FE data recorded over 35,000 km. My previous ride was a Dicor320 which was clearly 1 kmpl lower.

Quite impressive to return 13 kmpl for my kind of driving, which is a lot of 3000-3500 RPM cruising. It's quite impressive how easily the large Tata gets to silly speeds. Thanks to all the disc brakes, the braking is excellent and confidence-inspiring.

I also had an issue with the fuel button. And I almost made it a habit to open it via the physical string at the back. But suddenly one day, the button started to work again and it has been working perfectly for the last year fully.

Bridgestone Duellers easily last 75,000 km.

Take care of the periodic maintenance and use it well. It will turn out to be an absolutely incomparable choice a few years down the line.

A pic of my Storme, 62,000 km and as good as it was on day 1.

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