3000 Km with my Skoda Kushaq 1.5 TSI: The good, bad and ugly

The car returned a fuel efficiency of 16.8 Km/L when doing tankful-tankful calculations even though I was cruising at triple digit speeds all day long.

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3,000 Km and 1.5 month update!

We had gone on a road trip from Hyderabad to Chennai in the Kushaq!.

Starting ODO was somewhere around 1200 KM!.

We visited Chennai, Thiruvannamalai and Kanchi as part of our plan to explore the amazing architecture and the temples in these areas.

Car returned 16.8 Km/L when doing tankful-tankful calculations even though I'm running on upsized tyres and was cruising triple digits all day long. Average speed was 70 Km/h. Really impressed with this figure.

Car was very comfortable for long distances and I can safely say that the ventilated seats are life savers. Now everyone in the family fights for the front seat. This was not the case in our Dzire.

While going to Chennai, I had driven 80% of the journey while my Dad took over for the last 20%. I had just returned from abroad and the thought of going on a road trip just excited me and I was off!.

We started at 8 in the morning and we reached Chennai in 9 Hours including breaks. I was really happy doing triple digits and overtaking almost every vehicle on the road safely. We never felt any fatigue or need to take a break.

After 3,000 Kms, I have a few dislikes which I haven't been able to make peace with.

  • If you are an aggressive driver, who has driven a diesel previously, you will not like the mileage when you drive the Kushaq the same way. I tried this and you would average high single digits or low double digits on the highway.
  • Skoda Part turn around time is really horrible and they need to get their stuff together. The back quarter panel glass had cracked due to the error of the PPF applicator. They owned up to the mistake and wanted to replace the glass from the service centre. They had ordered the part 1 month ago with my Chassis number, but received the part for the opposite side. Skoda is still asking another 7 days and saying the part is in transit.
  • AC is noisy at higher blower speeds and the Recirculation turns off randomly. I'm thinking of getting the recirculation memory enabled through coding.(This is done in various VAG cars like Tiguan and Kodiaq).
  • Wireless charger does not work 90% of the time. (Not a deal breaker, but still I am going to get it checked next week or so.)
  • Hill hold assist in Manual is a bit tricky, does not work a lot of times (Need to get this checked too.)

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