3100 km with a TVS Ntorq: 17 observations including mileage & comfort

The scooter does around 40km/L in terms of mileage.

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3100 km - Review update: Ntorq Avengers edition.

This is the first time I have ridden scooter type for 3k km.

  • Ride quality is good and smooth.
  • Speed limit : Pushed upto 88km/hr in the empty road (beach road, Chennai) during my office commute. Tried pushing further, but no luck
  • Suspension: Rear suspension is pretty good comparatively. Front suspension is slightly creating ache in my shoulder joint whether its on a bump or pothole. I am careful when it comes to the street in Chennai. Lots and lots of potholes which are not maintained properly. Street/smaller road conditions are going worse day by day. I go 10 to 15 kmph max where ever I see the bad street conditions. But still the impact on my shoulders because of front suspension is high. So I totally stop and go.
  • Brakes: I am slowly getting used to this. I apply rear brakes 70% and then I apply front one when I try to stop. This gives a good bite. Earlier I tried applying both at the same time which made me lose balance slightly.
  • Economy: Gives around 40km/L, though I did not calculate accurately.
  • After my 2nd service the bike engine feels bit relaxed.
  • I did not opt for the free grill protection offered by the showroom. But I regret it now. Since my office parking is congested, getting scratches on the stickers which is annoying.
  • The head light throw is amazing. Even my gear bikes I have had did not have this powerful throw.
  • The left side mirror bolt kept loosening. I tried tightening it with the tools they provided with the bike. But that particular size spanner is there with the kit. So tried with SVC. No use. Within a single day it became the side mirror got loosened again. So I tried with my private mechanic. He did a good job.
  • The seat comfort is good. But whenever I apply a stop and go brake, I had to adjust and move back and sit. I keep sliding. Pillion comfort is good.
  • The turning radius during U turn or while moving through in slow bumper to bumper traffic is very good. Very convenient to handle.
  • The indicator switches and the pass light is smooth. Good enough quality. I haven't used the Hazard warning light. Such a wonder this bike has it.
  • The light under the seat is useful in my gym parking which is usually dark.
  • The pillion foot rests are made of nice quality which I use it very rarely
  • I tried to keep the TVS helmet which was provided by the showroom beneath the seat. But it feels it couldnt be placed comfortably. So I am not placing it and stopped using that TVS helmet.
  • Initially the fuel indication on display made me kinda nervous when the last 2 points changed to fuel empty. But I went ahead and rode upto 25kms and I filled it up.
  • The Display console is pretty useful overall regarding the engine heat, fuel level and many other. I tried connecting app during few rides. But then I stopped using it after a while. But good work though - TVS APP.

Conclusion - Except the front suspension the bike is really good. I enjoy the acceleration very much.

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