400 km trip in my Honda Elevate: Update about mileage, ADAS and more

The fuel efficiency seems to be okay and the engine has enough power to handle any terrain.

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Update after a 400 km trip

  1. Suspension is pure bliss. Final stretch to my resort was light off-road. It was handled really well and I loved it. The segment's best ground clearance was so good.
  2. Mileage seems to be okay. 14.6 kmpl overall. The trip had mild traffic congestion and a lot of hilly slope climbs. The peak mileage observed was 16 kmpl.
  3. The engine has enough power to handle any terrain or overtake other vehicles. However, the issue lies in the unpleasant engine noise, despite it coming from an engine that loves to rev. Hack : Listen to music. This was a serious fix provided for my friend's Altroz by the ASC when he complained about rattling.
  4. Android Auto frequently disconnects during use. The songs being played often experienced interruptions leading to disconnections on 4-5 occasions throughout the trip.
  5. Google Maps announcements are done only via the driver-side speaker which is good.
  6. I find the lane departure assist to be intrusive and inconsistent. It operates sporadically, sometimes working and other times not. It tends to activate unnecessarily when overtaking, causing disruptions. Overall, not a feature I liked.
  7. I have tried Lane Assist but couldn't use it for long. It keeps on disconnecting even without warning on properly marked roads. Need to research more on its working.
  8. Unable to turn off Auto headlamp. The issue arises during early morning and evening when there's sufficient sunlight, but the system keeps turning the lights on and off intermittently. This becomes particularly annoying because the infotainment system switches between dark and light modes. The headlight switch has an off position, but it reverts back to auto mode. If anyone has a solution to disable this feature, please share.

Here are a few pictures from the trip

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