5 key observations of my Maruti XL6 after 9,000 km of ownership

I routinely get 16 to 18 km/l fuel efficiency on highway drives. With 6 people and their luggage, I would get 14 to 16 km/l.

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I have driven the car for about 9000 kilometres now and here are some of my updates.

  1. The engine performance is not good by any stretch of the imagination, but it does the job OK in its intended purpose ie as a family carrier. ( This is coming from a guy who loves to drive and had city 1.5 VTEC previously)
  2. Mileage is pretty good, I routinely get 16 to 18kmpl on highway drives. With 6 people and their luggage (luggage space is an issue), I would get 14 to 16kmpl. Have never gone below 10kmpl in the city (Kochi).
  3. In manual mode there is no battery regen charging as noted earlier and also the auto stop-start system is disabled. So both together should hurt the economy somewhat.
  4. The auto stop-start system is way too aggressive to kick in. In many cases, it will switch off the engine even before the vehicle comes to a stop.
  5. The biggest issue I had with the car was its infotainment system. It's the smart play pro one. It doesn't have Arcamys branding on it. It's by far the buggiest system I have seen.

Some bugs are:

  • It will randomly disconnect the audio part of Bluetooth as in I can still take calls but can't stream music. You need to unpair and re-pair your device to fix it.
  • If you take a call using the onscreen button rather than the steering controls it will hang the system 9 out of 10 times.
  • Sometimes it will randomly stop connecting to an already paired phone. This happens to iPhones, Android
  • Sound stage isn't exactly great.

The only way out is to use Android Auto which will avoid a lot of the issues. The service centre guys did do an update but it didn't solve any of the issues. As I haven't seen any such stories here I am assuming it's a one-off case in my car. The service centre has promised to replace it under warranty as they could easily replicate the issues. Let's see how that goes.

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