5 things I liked about a Tata SC during my Harrier's 3rd service

I was requested to take a test drive to ensure all the complaints are fixed but I politely declined and said I will come back if any issues are persisting.

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3rd service update

Reached the service center by 9.15 and I was the second customer to reach the ASS. By 9.30 SA came and I was out by 9.45 - the process was smooth. Lokesh inspected the car and noted down the complaints, and told me that I can expect the car back by 5.30, which was a pleasant surprise.

While explaining the charges, I asked for the AMC but he informed me that since I am not opting for wheel alignment and balancing, AMC will be costly - also, Tata increased the AMC price from 10XXXINR to around 13500 INR a few days back. So, I did not opt for the AMC.

By 11.30 I got a call from Lokesh saying that the brake pads needs to be changed - I gave the permission to change them.

By 3.30, I got another call from him saying that work is done and I can come and pick up the car by 5 PM IST.

Reached the service center by 4.30 and to my surprise, there was hardly any rush - this was diametrically opposite to my experience during 2nd free service, where the service center was teeming with vehicles.

Lokesh was out doing a test drive of another car and he came back by 4.45 and explained the items and prepared the bill. He asked if I want to take a test drive to ensure all the complaints are fixed, but I politely declined and said I will come back if any issues are persisting.

Paid the bill and I was out by 5.00 - overall, a very smooth experience.

  • KM Done - 11204
  • Date: Feb 14, 2022
  • ASS: Prerana, Kudlu Gate
  • SA: Lokesh
  • Parts replaced: Front brake pads
  • Total Cost: 15032


  • Khat khat sound from left rear shock absorber while going over potholes.
  • Wiper washer nozzle not spraying water properly.

Other points

  • Did not opt for alignment and balancing.
  • DEF was already filled by myself.


  1. No rush, so it was much easier to talk to SA and no waiting time, either to get SA allocated or to get the billing done.
  2. Smooth process - unlike my previous visit, giving the car to service, billing and delivery did not take much time.
  3. Neat and clean service bay. I inspected the entire service bay in the morning and in the evening and I was really happy to see that the bay was kept really neat and clean, even at the end of the day.
  4. Good communication - Lokesh kept me updated about the progress and the car was ready when I reached the service center.
  5. All complaints were fixed satisfactorily.


  1. The brake pad life - 11200 KM is very less. I think the standard lifespan of Harrier brake pads is around this much since 2 of my friends also changed the brake pads - one at 12,000 km and another, below 10,000 km.
  2. The lady at the reception has absolutely no idea about the different AMC packages. I wanted to enquire about the cost of Gold AMC packages but did not get the info from anyone.


  • Discounting the fact that the brake pads did not last much, the service experience was very good.

Infotainment system updated with the latest version:

Brake pads at 11204 KM

The final bill:

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