5 years & 50,000 km with my Honda BR-V: Service update!

Although I have not experienced any major issues, I did replace a few parts as a safety measure.

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Dear BHPians,

Recently I got the 5th year/50,000 km servicing done on my 2017 model Honda BRV Petrol MT. And at that time a few replaceable parts were unavailable at the HASS so ordered them and got those parts changed immediately although I had not experienced any issue with the parts replaced, as a routine measure, I wanted to be on the safe side. The parts replaced are:

  • Fuel Strainer (Petrol Filter)
  • Set of spark plugs
  • Front Shocker Mount (pair of rubber bushes for each shocker).

Replacing the petrol filter was the most time taking a portion of the work. The centre row seat (right) had to be tumbled and below was the fuel tank which was accessed and the Unit of fuel filter cum pump was taken out. The pump and a mesh filter attached to it were cleaned and the fuel strainer was replaced. At least 20 different small parts had to be replaced in the fuel filter unit.

Next, the front shocker's mounts were replaced and wheel alignment was done.

(The rubber mount has two protruding rings - inner and outer. The outer ring is placed an inch above the inner ring in the new piece <left> whereas both the inner and outer rings have worn out and have become levelled in the old piece <right>, and that is a defect due to which the front end of my vehicle had sagged down by an inch, and now after replacing the front end of my BRV has risen an inch higher than being sagged earlier.)

Lastly, the spark plugs were replaced with the same NGK make.

(Old Vs. New)

Next up on my maintenance list are the belt and the water pump which I intend to replace at 60,000 km/ 6th year.

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