6 feet tall person test drives Jeep Meridian, shares 7 observations

The SUV is built like a tank & also handles very well but there are a couple of reasons why I'd probably give it a miss.

BHPian automowheels recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Drove the Meridian over the weekend at KHT Prime, Bangalore.

Overall impressions

  1. Looks stunning from the outside with very high-quality paint doing a fine job. Dimensions are not so imposing but the car appears quite long.
  2. Built and rode like a tank. However, that also meant it drove like one too, i.e. performance was unimpressive and the car was not quick and the gearbox was slow to respond.
  3. Great handling, took a decently sharp turn at about 70 kmph, and hardly felt any body roll.
  4. Impressive quality interiors and very good-sounding audio kit with great mids and lows.
  5. Average boot with 3rd row in use. Nothing out of the ordinary compared to other 7 seaters out there, except the Innova Crysta.
  6. Overall felt a lack of spaciousness in the cabin. Had to position the steering all the way up and towards me to the highest setting for both to accommodate my long legs (I'm 6 feet 2 in). Not a good compromise in the long run.
  7. Some settings were hard to access and were available only via the touchscreen.

I'm probably giving the Meridian a miss mainly because of the lack of performance and space (for my needs). Other than that it's really sorted in most other departments!

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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