6 ft tall owner's experience with his Wagon R AMT done 25,000 km

The air-conditioning is definitely a sore point unlike most Maruti cars and the weird vent positioning makes matters worse.

BHPian Maverick Avi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Well, you pretty much summed up my experience with 1.2 AMT which has run 25k mostly in Delhi traffic. It's a great car for the city and I have no qualms about the AMT either other than when driving on hills.

Since it's a manual transmission that has actuators for auto shifting people should understand that keeping the accelerator pedal pressed the whole time is eventually going to lead to severe clutch slippage and hence the early wear and tear of the clutch.

In a manual transmission we usually let go of the A pedal while changing gears and if you can mimic that in AMT it's definitely going to enhance the clutch life. Though the system itself has been engineered to liberally slip the clutch in order to provide a smooth ride and not stall the engine we can help avoid making matters worse by letting go of the A pedal at regular intervals which will allow the gear changes to happen during those intervals. Once you get the hang of it it's pretty much seamless.

I am pretty happy about the seats though and have no issues being a 6-footer. AC is definitely a sore point unlike most Marutis and the weird vent positioning makes matters worse. It is able to keep the front occupants comfortable in 45 to 47-degree summers in Delhi but just barely makes it. Back seaters would definitely complain.

My service bills never exceed 5 to 6K because I get those additional jobs removed. You can definitely avoid injector cleaning, gas top up and some other value-added jobs which are just a rip-off. Just basic fluid changes and calliper greasing should be enough to keep your car going strong. Anything beyond the periodic maintenance schedule can be avoided unless you have some specific issue.

People might call the Wagon R a dabba, taxi car and tin can but owners really appreciate the sheer practicality and reliability of this workhorse.

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