6 less covered points of my Nexon AMT after 1 month of ownership

I upgraded from a Nano (2007, MT) to Nexon AMT and it was a sea change for me.

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A few observations/questions from the first month of ownership - Nexon XMA (White). Everyone has shared a detailed review with pics so I will cover some less-visited points:

  1. Truly a delight to drive. Happy with my decision
  2. I upgraded from a Nano (2007, MT) to Nexon AMT and it was a sea change for me. This car gets you out of your comfort zone. I read a lot about the A-pillar blind spot. To be honest, the Nano has the same issue so it didn't feel any different.
  3. I stick to City mode by default. Had to do a BLR-MYS trip and the sports mode was very useful when climbing the long inclines + maintaining 90-100 speed in the expressway. Changed it back to City on level ground or downward slopes. Is this the right way to use it?
  4. Every time I fill petrol, the mileage gets reset. For example, it reset to 35 on my last fill and gradually came down as I started driving. Not sure if I'm missing any config. Will read the manual in detail.
  5. Every time I start the car, the default audio source is FM. Is there any way to set the default as BT? Also, even if the phone connects automatically on selecting BT, needs to select the audio source as BT once again to hear any BT audio. It is mildly frustrating.
  6. The back doors are unlocked only if I remove the key from the ignition. Is this normal? Maybe I missed a few features given my car ownership history! Is there any other way to unlock the back doors for those outside without removing the key? Manually doing it from the driver's seat is not as easy as the Nano.

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