6 things about the Apache RTR 310 as shared by an RTR 200 owner

I feel it is a bit pricier if compared with the market favourites like the Royal Enfield Classic 350 or the Meteor 350, but it is an excellent product in itself.

BHPian nstark13 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Test rode the RTR 310 in the hopes of upgrading from my RTR 200 and here are my impressions in no particular order:

Let me just come out first and say this, it looks absolutely rad. Somewhat like a spaceship.

  1. It feels big when compared to other bikes in the same segment.
  2. Rear seat comfort is better in comparison with the RR310.
  3. Throttle response felt delayed to me, like there was a second of gap or something when you twist the throttle and the bike reacts, in my RTR 200 it's instant. It also could be due to the Urban/City mode, didn't get the chance to ride in Race or Sport mode. But make no mistake there's ample power to play with.
  4. Exhaust is such a letdown. 200 sings such music, this doesn't. It craves to be changed or at least modified in some way.
  5. Bumps were nominally felt, no such red flags.
  6. It was easy to handle and manoeuvre in the city.

If there's anything that I missed, or you want to ask anything specific feel free to reply.

At 2.9L ex-showroom, it feels a bit pricier if compared with market favourites like the Classic 350 or the Meteor but is an excellent product in itself.

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