7 reasons why I picked the new Skoda Kodiaq over the competition

Patience is a virtue that bears great fruits. There is no contest here, it’s a brilliant car the Kodiaq.

BHPian solaris007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It is with great sadness I report that I have had to cancel my Tucson booking. One unit of the elusive Kodiaq (Style variant) in my preferred colour was available and I took the plunge. The Kodiaq has a lot going for it over the Tucson, and it hits my priorities just right:

  1. LED Projectors > LED Reflectors: Hyundai should have carried over the projectors especially since the outgoing model had a decent setup
  2. Canton Audio > Bose Audio: The Tucson carries over the same Bose system present in lower models and it is no match for the upgraded 625W sound system in the Kodiaq
  3. Wireless Carplay > Wired Carplay: Nothing beats the convenience of just sitting in your car and driving instead of fiddling around with cables
  4. 3-zone AC > 2-zone AC: What is the point of bringing over the LWB version without offering 3-zone AC?
  5. Physical knobs > Touch-sensitive buttons: Never was a big fan of that weird centre console
  6. Leather > Leatherette: Expected in the top models
  7. Integrated rear window blinds: Desperately needed for our climate

Of course, the Kodiaq (especially the base variant) misses out on great features like a virtual cockpit, ventilated seats, 360 camera and ADAS Level 2 features but those for me are nice-to-haves and not must-haves.

Here's what BHPian EaurougeatSpa had to say on the matter:

Congratulations Solaris.

Patience is a virtue that bears great fruits. There is no contest here, it’s a brilliant car the Kodiaq. I am in the same boat, interested in the Tucson because the wait for my German car doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Look forward to your story and pics in the Kodiaq thread.

Here's what BHPian R_R had to say on the matter:

Great choice. I like Tucson still, mainly because of Hyundai's reputation for reliability. It's not the best, but definitely better than that of Skoda. But a major drawback for the Tucson compared to the Kodiaq, in addition to the excellent ones you have mentioned, is that the Kodiaq has AWD with petrol, sadly missing in the Tucson which only has AWD in the diesel. With the silly 10-15 year rule spreading to more jurisdictions, petrol makes more sense for a long-termer.

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