8 observations about my Elevate after 500 km of highway & city driving

The fuel efficiency on the highway was 20 km/l whereas in the city, it was nearly 13 km/l.

BHPian ashokabs recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This is a brief update on my review of the Elevate ZX MT. I found a stain of about 2 sq in on the front passenger seat right in the middle of the vertical portion. This was noticed after taking delivery when the plastic covering of the seat was removed. I complained to the manager at the showroom from where I purchased it.

He was not willing to get a new seat fitted as I guess some heads would have rolled. However, the option he offered was an add-on accessory of ventilated seats. It is a strap-on unit with a grey colour and a connector for the 12V socket. Also, I would have to pay though some discount was promised. This was not acceptable. Finally, after some cajoling, it was agreed that the seat from a demo car would be given.

This sounded reasonable and I agreed. Today I went and had the seat replaced. I am happy that my new car looks new!

Some other observations after a 200 km trip recently and 300 km of city driving in S Delhi.

  1. Mileage on the highway was 20 km/l. Max Speed on the highway was 80 km/hr.
  2. Mileage in city traffic was nearly 13 km/l. I don't accelerate needlessly.
  3. While using cruise control the acceleration and deceleration is quite aggressive.
  4. Lane assist is very useful and works well during the day.
  5. Above 2500 rpm the engine/road noise is bothersome. However, can be drowned out by playing music.
  6. Driver seat on long drives is very comfortable as is the driving position - as adjusted for my height of 1.7m.
  7. On highways one has to change gears more than in the city! I'm exaggerating but one needs to downshift to 4th gear while overtaking.
  8. Gear ratios are provided to get more pulling power in 2/3 gear so driving in the city is a breeze. This does mess up the mileage somewhat.

Still happy with my purchase!

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