9 points about Super Meteor shared by a 5ft7 tall Harley-Davidson owner

I was very impressed with this Royal Enfield and I booked it right after the test ride.

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I took a test ride of the Interstellar (Green) variant today at Acclaim Motors Yelahanka Bangalore. Overall came back with a highly positive impression. Here are some of the points I noticed. My current ride is HD Street Rod 750. So my experience is in comparison to my current ride.

  1. The wide seat felt like a hindrance while putting both legs down. Not a big issue, but I did notice this.
  2. The suspension is good enough within the limitations of a Cruiser format. I feel this is the best a Cruiser can offer. If ride comfort is the primary objective, an ADV would be better than a cruiser.
  3. The gear shifts are smooth. I used only the toe shifter out of habit and found it good enough.
  4. Got adjusted to the legs-forward posture in no time. I kind of liked it.
  5. I didn't want to overspeed on a test ride, so tested for vibrations by going at higher speeds in lower gears (Something you have to wait until the running-in period is over in your own bike). The vibrations are quite manageable.
  6. The bike felt far more comfortable and easy at slow speeds (70-80). I am not saying higher speeds are not possible, but the ride felt easy at lower speeds.
  7. Slow-speed stability is excellent. Tried to ride at <5kms with a pillion and felt it was too easy. This is something very difficult with my current bike.
  8. I am 5'7" and found it easier to manage this bike compared to my current ride. While riding the bike it felt much smaller than its actual size.
  9. I was using the front brake only to stop the bike in normal circumstances out of habit and it felt adequate. I was riding with a pillion and hence didn't want to stop hard.

Overall, I felt this bike is very easy to live with and use for city rides as well. Riding comfort seems to be the major objective of designers.

Long story short, I booked one at the end of it, with a tentative delivery date by end of June.

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