ABB sets up EV fast charging station at Niti Aayog

ABB has installed a fast charging station for electric vehicles (EV) at Niti Aayog in New Delhi. This is the company's first public charging station in India.

ABB offers three versions of its Terra 53 fast charger in India - Terra 53 CJG, Terra 53 CJ and Terra 53 CT. The charger converts alternating current (AC) from the grid to direct current (DC) to charge EV batteries. The Terra 53 CJG and Terra 53 CT are compatible with EVs that use AC charging. ABB claims that its 50 kW Terra 53 fast charging station can fully charge an EV in 30 minutes. 

The Terra 53 fast charging station uses ABB's Ability Connected Services that links it to payment gateways and smart grid systems. It uses cloud-based systems to show users where the next recharging station is located. This is expected to enable users to plan their next stop.

ABB has installed over 6,000 charging stations across 55 countries. The company's fast chargers are being used by Indian and global auto makers to test their vehicles.

Source: The Economic Times

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