Adjustable rear suspension for my KTM 390 Adventure for Rs 6,500

The difference is night and day for me in city conditions. Taking the same route to work, I can feel how the impact is much softer on my spine now.

BHPian Malliketh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Upgraded to Adjustable Rear Suspension for my 2022 KTM Adventure

Whenever I have written a review about my bike or suggested it to someone, the only major niggle I have had with it is its really hard rear suspension. While it is a big boon when you're zooming down the highway at 100 km/hr for hours at end, when you're navigating Mumbai's moon crater-like roads on a daily basis, your spine would like to have a tough conversation with you at night.

I use my KTM 390 Adv as my daily rider. That means I ride it to work on weekdays and hit the highway on the weekends. Thus upgrading to a KTM-supplied adjustable rear suspension which is built to fit the exact same chassis was a no-brainer. What's even better? The price.

  • Moolah? Rs. 6,500 for the part
  • Who fits it? KTM SVC
  • Warranty? On the suspension - none. On the rest of the bike - unchanged.
  • Time taken? under 30 mins (while I got it done along with periodic service). It is plug'n'play
  • End result? The bike has learnt a skill that it had never heard of - rebound.

It finally understands how to push the ride back up from a pothole. No longer would you clench your spine moments before your front wheel hits a pothole. I am traveling on the same route to work and I can feel how the impact is much softer on my spine now. Will play around with softer settings over the weeks and understand the bike better.

The difference is night and day for me in city conditions. The setting is currently in the middle (stock). Given it has the whole gamut from softest to hardest - there is nothing to lose as you can set it as per your requirement when you hit the road.

One thing to note, you cannot change the settings on the fly like the front adjustable ones which come with a clicker. You will have to get off the bike and change the setting using a screwdriver. However, does not require the strength of a hulk an a special tool like the pre-load adjuster.

Roughly Rs. 7,000 to bring my bike further closer to perfection in my books? Absolutely worth it.

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