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I got my car delivered last Thursday and tomorrow, the SA is coming to fix the number plates (HSRP). He has proposed going for the black frames for the number plates at a cost of Rs. 1,700/-.

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I got my car delivered last Thursday and tomorrow, the SA is coming to fix the number plates (HSRP). He has proposed going for the black frames for the number plates at a cost of Rs. 1,700/-.

The price definitely seems to be on the higher side. Online prices and few other T-BHP posts indicate not more than 800-900/- (for a pair).

However, I am not sure what purpose do these frames serve? Is there any actual use or is it just an aesthetic thing?

My car is a Skoda Rapid in Carbon Steel (a.k.a dark grey types).

Here's what BHPian Raghu M had to say on the matter:

That is definitely high. I did not opt for it. It is just for better optics (or horrible optics). Has higher chances of bending and catching dust and cloth particles when being cleaned. The quality of these plates in TS is horrible. I have seen paint getting faded after 2 years of usage. I wouldn't take those even if it was for my Merc (don't own one though!).

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The cost is definitely high. Here in Gujarat, the HSRP plates are compulsory, and I went in for the frames purely from the aesthetic point of view. Paid Rs.700/- each for both my cars, and both have held up well. It prevents the plates from bending and will make the plates last longer (until they fade though).

Get them from outside and keep them handy when the SA comes to fix the plates. No point paying 1700 for them.

Here's what BHPian Rachit.K.Dogra had to say on the matter:

Wow!! That is steep!! I don't have the frame on my car, but had it on my two wheeler. 2 wheeler frames were selling on Amazon for like 200-300 Rs.

I would suggest checking Amazon. In my search, I found, at least for 2 wheelers, that most of these frames are same or very similar and each brand/seller just charges what they want. Nicer pictures on Amazon, higher price although the product is same.


Only 2 come to my mind:

  • Aesthetics
  • Can prevent some scratches and minor dings on the sides of the plate. This more of a 2 wheeler advantage though.

Here's what BHPian MSC had to say on the matter:

The black number plate is solely for aesthetic purpose and serves as a minor deterrent against minor shunts only where it will prevent any bending or scarring of the original HSRP. In case of heavy shunts from front or rear, the frame or rather anything is not going to help you.

At 1700, the person is ripping you off like anything. Hyundai is usually famous for charging exorbitantly for accessories. However, the Hyundai mobis frame plate which is included in genuine Hyundai accessories is sold at 349 Rs. Even the genuine MGA, listed in the Nexa official accessories is also mentioned at website for 499 Rs. If you insist on genuineness, it won't cost more than 500 Rs. And in case you opt for a non genuine one sold online or at local retailers, it won't cost more than 250 off bucks.

Here's what BHPian sharanvenu had to say on the matter:

Number Plate Frames are used because of the following advantages:

1. Avoid need for screws in between Alphabets/Numbers on the plate.

The screw locations on the car body/bumper will always be in the center of the plate. At times this will come on top of the number, spoiling the plate or ruining the aesthetics. I owned a car with number 4001 and when the number plate was fabricated, the screw on the front bumper aligned exactly with the last number which would have spoiled the aesthetics and resulted in reduced legibility. Eventually we ended up mounting the number plate with a slight offset to avoid the screw coming on the number.
With number plate frames, there will be no need for a screw to hold the number plate on the car body. The frame will be mounted on the car and the frame will ensure the plate stays on firmly.

2. Reduce vibrations of the plate if the car has a bass heavy sound system.

If you have a Subwoofer in the car, the number plate, especially the number plate mounted on the hatch door will resonate and make noise with music and this is annoying. The use of a number plate frame will prevent this.

3. It will give a small amount of protection for the number plate from small dents in the event of a contact.

As for the MVD mandated Safety Rivet, you can Rivet the plate on the top or bottom corners to comply with the norm without spoiling the aesthetics of the plate.

I hope this answers your questions.

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