Advice: Horn replacement on my 2017 Ford Aspire

The horn on my 2017 Ford Aspire, sounds like it is on its last legs.

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Has anyone replaced the stock horn on a Ford Aspire / Figo?

My 2017 Ford Aspire horn, sounds like it is on its last legs. It is a single horn and I have a set of Hella Windtones, as well as, a similar type from Minda of which only one works.

Can I fit one of these with minimum splicing or do I need to replace with a stock one itself from the service centre.

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The horn connectors would be the same for all cars. If your stock horn is connected with a coupler, you will get such couplers as well as an interface between OE coupler and new horn.

However, if your OE horn is single, you may need to add a relay to it to support dual horns and that requires no cutting or splicing but a bit of basic wiring to install the relay and connect the horns.

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Most horn connector are standard spade male connector. If the OEM ford horn also uses the spade connector then you need not have to do any splicing. You get the female spade connector at any motorcycle spare parts store. With this you can build your own harness with a 4 pin relay and you should be good. If your ford uses a proprietary connector, then you need to find the corresponding coupler which can plug into the stock coupler and then extend the coupler and build your own harness.

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I have 2017 Aspire too. About 3 yrs back, I had an additional Hella set added with a two way switch: in position 1 - stock horns and in position 2 - Hella horns. Got it done the aftermarket route with adequate wiring mods (was much simpler than the DIY route). I use the stock one within the city drives and the Hella ones on Highways (where the OEM ones don't get the basic respect). Within the city I feel the stock horn would suffice and the Hella types might startle the other commuters at times. Having said the above, I prefer less of Honking and use them only when absolutely necessary.

Since yours must be out of warranty, you can try the same too.

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