Advice on replacing the suspension on my Skoda Rapid

I intend to keep this car for a few more years, so I have decided not to go with OEM anymore.

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My 8-year-old Skoda Rapid has seen a lot of abuse, along with fair amount of off-roading in places like Spiti. The car has amazing build quality and the OEM front suspension lasted a while, but had to be replaced eventually. However, the new struts that the ASS installed lasted only 2 years and they are now failing again. I read on the forum that Skoda is using lower quality struts now compared to the German made OEM parts in 2013 model. I intend to keep this car for a few more years, so I have decided not to go with OEM anymore.

I read different reviews on the forum but unable to decide on the right brands / models in Rs. 20-30k range (front + rear). I am looking for good handling to complement this amazing car, but something that has better build quality and is too stiff in terms of ride quality either. Can some of the entry level Koni models fit the budget?

Also, please suggest a good place in Gurgaon / Delhi where I can source and replace these.

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A pair of Monroe or TRW struts should be good enough for your usage, unless you want upmarket stuff like Bilstein. You can buy them online at Boodmo I believe and then get them fitted at a local garage.

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I think you need to check out this thread.

Sachs is another brilliant alternative to the OEM suspension supplied today. You'll get a lot of info on that thread about various experiments tried by our members.

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OEM for VW/Skoda is Gabriel.

In aftermarket, Monroe makes better shock absorbers. They cost slightly more than OEM, but are much better quality and offer better ride and handling characteristics.

Sachs is another brand that is excellent. However, they are not so easily available here. You might have to search around

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