Aftermarket infotainment system for my Magnite: Installation & usage

I embarked on a 5-day road trip and it performed flawlessly throughout the journey.

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Had been searching for an aftermarket infotainment system for a long time, but none of them were satisfying enough. They were either slow, sluggish, or overpriced.

I stumbled upon Woodman; however, my discovery was followed by encountering a discussion that alleged Woodman's involvement in deceptive practices by presenting false specifications.

I decided to reach out to the OEM for an infotainment system and enquired about the cost, which turned out to be Rs. 27,000/-.

However, this won't be the exact one that comes in the stock Nissan Magnite's higher variant; instead, I'm getting an Android system from Crosslink.

I contacted the Accessories manager at Nissan via WhatsApp and enquired about the infotainment system. I requested a demo before placing my order, and he suggested that I visit the showroom to test it out since they had already installed it in one of the demo cars. Additionally, I inquired about getting the same system that comes in the higher variant of the Magnite. However, he informed me that it's not available separately. Instead, he recommended the Android system, which even existing Magnite users have been upgrading to, and he suggested that I give it a try and test it for myself.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to test the demo piece for a solid 30 minutes, exploring all the available options. I connected my phone via CarPlay and tested various features, paying particular attention to the sound quality as both the demo car and my car had the same speakers.

I was impressed with the system; there was no lag, and the main reason I decided to purchase it was because of its smooth navigation performance without any delays.

The service person at the store was incredibly helpful and patient. he took the time to explain everything thoroughly, even turning on the AC in the demo car for 30 minutes while I tested out the system. Overall, it was a positive experience.

The only drawback is that it took quite some time to receive the item. Initially, they mentioned it might take 3 days after placing the order, but it actually took more than a week. However, this isn't a significant issue for me anyway.

Here's the picture of the model.

This was taken during my testing demo period.

This is the location where the external microphone was installed.

After inspecting the demo car, I proceeded and received a call from them confirming that the product was ready for installation after a week.

The installation was carried out by them and it was executed perfectly. I had a few checkpoints to verify, such as audio quality, microphone functionality for calls, Bluetooth connectivity, CarPlay, and a check of the reverse camera. I also received the old set from them along with the invoice and warranty card.

Shifting focus to the product itself, truly justifies its cost. I embarked on a 5-day road trip and it performed flawlessly throughout the journey. I exclusively used CarPlay, and I also customized the steering wheel buttons according to my preferences.

Although I've only had a limited timeframe to provide feedback on the product, up to this point, it has been operating smoothly without any noticeable lag or issues.

The default appearance is set as it is, but you do have the option to customize the theme. I came across several appealing themes, although some of them require payment. However, since I've been primarily utilizing CarPlay, I haven't taken the initiative to modify the initial screen view.

Videos can actually be played even while the car is in motion. However, I personally don't intend to make use of this feature; I simply tested it out to confirm its functionality.

The option to customize steering wheel buttons is great, and everything is ideal except for one aspect. Initially, the rolling option, which I frequently use to switch to the next song by simply rolling, was not assigned. I assigned it myself, and now everything is configured perfectly.

CarPlay is functioning smoothly, and I must say, the display is exceptional with its perfect and crisp visual quality.

The overall view and appearance have been significantly enhanced.

I appreciate the convenience of being able to easily adjust the brightness. It's convenient to reduce it to a lower setting during nighttime and increase it to maximum brightness in the morning for better visibility – a simple and accessible feature. In my friend's car, he has to navigate to the settings and then adjust the display.

The overall product is satisfactory.

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