Airport taxi pickup: How a simple action can make all the difference

With my flight delayed, the cab driver got a chance to finish up some other work which he would have missed otherwise.

BHPian Eddy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Not exactly "on the road", but a related heartwarming experience.

I am currently sitting at the Delhi aiport, slated to fly to Hyderabad. The flight has got delayed by two hours. So out of courtesy, I called the cab driver who was to pick me up at the Hyderabad airport informing him of the delay.

That guy was so happy that I called. He said people never do that, and thanked me profusely for calling. Apparently, he was missing his child's school activity cause the pickup time clashed and he can now attend. He must've thanked me 10 times in a one minute call. Felt good.

Also, writing here to remind people to inform when in a similar situation. It can really make someone's day.

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While I was back in Pune between 2013 to 2016, I had a fixed cab for my many airport runs.

He was very punctual, never missed no matter the time of the day or night.

I recall, I would call and inform if flights were delayed and stuff.

The first time I called, was to actually confirm if he would still be around (since my flight was delayed). But when he mentioned that the delay allowed him to do another quick run in and around the airport, I realized that I had to be more cognizant of his time. And that every free minute he had, he could earn for his family.

After that, I made sure to, at the very least, text him my ETA or notify if delayed.

On a pleasant note, he loved the fruit juices / cans that were served on the flight, which I would get and give him on the way back. Maybe he gave it to his kid, I don't know.

Looking back, probably the silliest thing for me to do, but it just lit up his face when I would give him, that little drink or packet of snacks.

Here's what BHPian rkw had to say on the matter:

Appreciate your gesture. Many times, we take others time for granted. I also follow the practice of keeping the person informed in such cases.

Here's what BHPian One had to say on the matter:

We probably crossed each other that day!

Went to the washroom at T3 and got a tired namaste from the attendant there. While exiting, looked into his eyes and said a genuine "Thank you". Saw his eyes light up - the next person entering, received an energetic and warm namaste from him.

I wonder if the chain is still carrying forward.

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