Altroz DCA vs i20 DCT: Which dual clutch AT hatchback would you choose

The long-term reliability of dual-clutch ATs has generally been poor in India.

BHPian Aditya recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Tata Altroz DCA:

What you'll like:

  • A smooth dual-clutch AT in a segment full of slow & jerky AMTs
  • We find the Altroz DCA to be well-priced for what it offers
  • Looks absolutely stunning! Solid build too
  • Nice interior with good quality parts & adequate space
  • Accommodating 345-litre boot is among the biggest in the segment
  • Mature on-road behaviour, including at highway speeds. Expressway stability is exceptional
  • 5-star NCAP safety rating! Safety package includes dual airbags, CSC, break reminder etc.
  • Enjoyable Harman 6-speaker ICE. One of the better systems in this segment
  • Impressive kit (auto park lock, auto headlamps & wipers, cruise control, ambient lighting, adjustable armrest...)
  • Factory-fitted customisation packs available

What you won't:

  • The long-term reliability of dual-clutch ATs has generally been poor in India
  • 1.2L NA motor is weak & noisy. Better in the city than the highway. Don't expect a "Polo TSI DSG" experience at all
  • DCA isn't offered on the 1.2L turbo-petrol or 1.5L diesel variants. Period
  • 118 BHP Hyundai i20 turbo-petrol DCT is noticeably faster & offers superior performance
  • Mature suspension does have a firm edge at low speeds (16" rim variants)
  • Service visit every 6 months / 7,500 km (1 year / 10,000 km is the norm today)
  • Some missing features (Eco & Sport modes, paddle shifters, idling start / stop, auto-dimming IRVM, thinner spare tyre on top trims, split-folding rear seat...)
  • Tata's after-sales service quality is a hit or miss. Remains a gamble

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Hyundai i20 DCT:

Link to review

Here's what GTO had  to say on the matter:

I am a total engine guy, hence I am quite surprised myself, but I have voted for the Altroz.

Reasons: I already have bigger & faster cars for the highway, so if I buy either of these, it would be purely a city runabout. The Altroz' engine is weak, yet it has sufficient poke <80 - 90 kmph for commuting. I l-o-v-e the styling. This weekend, I'm with a Lexus and spotted an Altroz on the expressway. I slowed down, moved to the right, then to the left and was admiring its styling from different angles. My passengers thought I've gone mad. It's got a 5-star safety rating and the superior suspension. Behaves like a proper "big car". The i20 has the better engine, equipment and after-sales.

Yet, as a purely city car, it's the Altroz for me. I have to admit that, the fact that an "Indian" company has rolled out such a competent car does play a role in my affinity for the Altroz.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

Voted for the Altroz DCA:

  • Wet clutch over dry clutch.
  • Value for money pricing.
  • 5 star safety.
  • Better ride and handling package.
  • Simpler old school engine is more tolerant to adulteration which is soon going to become mandatory (E10, E20). Direct injection turbo petrol can be very temperamental about fuel quality. For city use, the Tata motor is adequately powerful and the gearbox does the heavy lifting for you.

The Altroz DCA is about perfect a city car in my opinion.

Here's what BHPian Keeleri_Achu had to say on the matter:

Voted for the i20. Like others said, i20 is just a better package.

Yesterday I drove a Tiago AMT under full load for over 100 km.The engine was struggling to keep pace on the highway and I had to think too much before every overtake. While the engine was acceptable in city conditions, I just couldn't live with it out on the highway. I don't expect things to be drastically different even with a DCA.

Tata should've offered DCA on the turbo petrol regardless of the price. Give the customer options. Let them decide what's right for them.

Here's what BHPian SoumenD had to say on the matter:

Among the two, voted for Altroz DCA. Would have been better had the DCA come with iTurbo though.

While i20 seems great in a lot of aspects (most infact), it looses out on a key aspect which is personally important to me. That’s safety. I just can’t plonk in a million bucks for a structurally unstable car. Yes even cabs that we use at times are similar but that’s not in my control. But what is in my control is the one I purchase and there I would always avoid these options. Purely personal opinion

Having said that if I have to buy a million rupee car today it would be neither of these two. I will go with the Magnite.

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