Apollo Vredestein launches tyres in North America

European tyre company Vredestein, which is now owned by Indian tyre major Apollo Tyres, has launched a new range of tyres in North America. The 111 year-old company claims that these tyres have been specifically designed for and developed in North America.

The company has invested US$ 30 million in the research and development of these tyres. Among the products introduced is Vredestein’s first ever dedicated pick-up truck and SUV tyre.

The range of Vredestein’s passenger tyres either available today, or coming soon to tyre retailers across North America, is as follows:

Hypertrac: An all-season tyre designed for both wet and dry surfaces for drivers of premium sport sedans, coupes and SUVs.

Quatrac Pro: An all-weather tyre for cars and crossovers, including winter months.

Wintrac Pro: A winter tyre developed for performance and handling, even in the harsh, cold and snowy winters.

Ultrac Vorti: Vredestein’s flagship summer tyre, designed by Giugiaro and developed for sports cars and supercars.

Hitrac: An all-season commute tyre for North America’s mainstream sedans and crossovers, designed with quietness and comfort in mind.

Pinza: Vredestein’s first-ever dedicated pick-up truck and SUV tyre line, launching in early 2021. It has been designed to work in wet and winter weather as well.

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