Aprilia RS 457: KTM Duke 390 owner's thoughts after a short test ride

I'm really happy with the bike as well as showroom experience and will book it soon.

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I'm not sure if you are aware but Pune has 2 showrooms.

I had a call with A. K. Motors and they asked me to come today for a test ride. Obviously a short ride as they haven't finished with the registrations. But I managed to get the test ride twice.

In short, I'm happy with the bike and will be booking it soon.

Now for a longer explanation,

I come from Duke 390, and I always related engine character with vibes as well as the pull that you feel. Hence it was a weird sensation on the RS457. It barely has any vibrations, but does pack a punch as revs climb. It is not a punch in the face like a 390, but still a punch indeed. The engine is free-revving and you don't realise how fast it hits the redline. The power weirdly sheds off at around the last 1-2k rpm near the redline.

Ergonomically, the bike is really comfortable. I had doubts about the aggressive seating posture. But happy to report that it is very comfortable thanks to the raised clipons. Just how I wanted it to be.

I'm no expert when it comes to suspension, but I had no issues on rough roads and potholes and the bike was stable on straights while accelerating aggressively. The chassis seemed very friendly and communicative.

The brakes also were really sharp. I did not have any issues while braking. It is definitely sharper than first-generation Duke 390's. But they can be sharper. I will switch to sintered pads once the stock pads wear out, but that'll be more of a want than a need for the bike.

Overall, I'm really happy with the bike as well as the showroom experience, and will book it soon.

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