Arguably India's finest road: Pics & review of Hyderabad's Nehru ORR

I got to see some lovely views of the Financial District, some novel-looking HT towers, and some swanky buildings en-route.

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This is a short ride report cum review on Hyderabad’s Nehru Outer Ring Road (ORR) - arguably the finest road that I’ve been on in India so far. This road’s USP is that once you’ve entered the road from any of the entry points and locked the vehicle’s speed at, say, 90 km/h, one doesn’t need to drop that speed one bit until the exit that one plans to take to get off the road.


  1. Kept my seat belt on when I was seated in the rear seat.
  2. Urged the driver to put his seat belt on

Why was I on Nehru ORR?

I was in Hyderabad at work and had to head back to the Airport from a place off NH44 approx. 25km from the Kandlakoya junction. I've been to this location earlier, but the last time, I was taken through the city since that was a low-traffic time. This time, I had a tight timeline and hence had to take the ORR.

What I liked

  • A proper “ring” road around Hyderabad offering entry and exit points
  • Seamless connectivity to the Airport, and Financial District
  • 4+4 lanes
  • Speed limits marked at 100kmph
  • Lined up with good vegetation both on the median and on the sides - pleasing to the eye
  • Connectivity to National highways eg: Mumbai, Vijayawada, Warangal, Bangalore, Nagpur
  • Large signages - route and exit markings
  • Exit markings are shown 2km ahead of the actual exit to help drivers plan the exit well
  • Elevated and barricaded
  • No crossings possible

Opportunities for improvement

  • Maintenance staff engaged in the trimming vegetation leave the warning cones carelessly on the fast lane with no warning to approaching drivers
  • On the route towards the Airport, there was a point below a road overhead where the extreme right lane had some mud piled up - can be dangerous for motorists
  • Longer connectivity from certain areas of the city to the ORR (Eg. Uppal)
  • Bugs in the night can be a challenge
  • Exit needs perfect planning; missing an exit can prove time and km consuming

Large easy to read the route and exit markings

Exit marking - sample

My ride experience on the Nehru ORR

I was in a Swift Dzire Tour cab riding from NH44 past Medchal to the airport. Once the cab entered the ORR, I noticed that he didn’t have to drop speed for the entire one hour he was on the ORR; no moving in and out of lanes, no trailing trucks before overtaking, nothing. I also got to see some lovely views of the Financial District, some novel-looking HT towers, and some swanky buildings en route.

Driving past a colourful D.E.C Infra project Kollur

Different looking towers supporting HT power lines

Exit to the Financial District

View of the Financial District

Driving past the Financial District

Gachibowli and Hitex Exit

Jayabheri Peak - standing tall

Exit to RGIA Airport - note the shabby set-up just at the exit separator

Approach to the Airport

Key Takeaways

  1. There may be better roads in the country that I've not been on, but for me, a road on which one doesn’t have to drop speed at all is a benchmark
  2. Even the best roads can be marred by some below-par practices – eg. cones placed irresponsibly on the fast lane (extreme right) by maintenance staff or the right lane on this road had a small heap of mud at one point
  3. It is fine to build a road, but to maintain it professionally, and ensure the safety of motorists is an even more difficult task - this is where Indian infrastructure contractors have a lot of work to do

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Seat belts save lives