Ather expanding charging infrastructure to 135+ locations

Ather Energy is expanding its charging infrastructure as it plans to launch its products across 9 new markets in India. The company is setting up 135 public fast charging stations by December 2020.

Ather has already set up 37 fast charging stations in Bangalore and 13 in Chennai. New charging stations are being installed at 6 more locations in Bangalore and Chennai each.

Ather Energy has signed MOUs with VR Mall, PPZ mall management, restaurant and cafe chains like Little Italy, Blue Tokai, Chai Kings and retail outlets like Sangeetha mobiles, giving it access to over 250 locations in India.

Ather Grid will be set up at 5 locations in Hyderabad, 7 locations in Pune, 3 locations each in Kochi, Kozhikode and Ahmedabad. Coimbatore and Kolkata will get two fast charging stations, while Mumbai gets a charging station at one location. Ather will install its fast charging infrastructure at four locations in Delhi NCR.

In the first phase of its expansion, Ather Energy will install about 5-10 fast charging points before delivery in each of the new markets they are expanding to. The company targets to set up 6,500 charging points across the country by 2022.

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