Bad highways: Should toll operators refund users via FASTag

The penalties could ensure toll operators maintain the highways properly.

BHPian CliffHanger recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Now that we have FASTag, why should the monies go one way only to the corrupt and incompetents?

Yesterday, I was driving from Chennai to Bangalore and the roads till Vellore were horrible.

We all have a sense of whether what we pay for something is reasonable or not, and most of us agree that a lot of toll charges are exorbitant. Now that FASTag is in place, Government should implement two-way credits:

Toll operators collect money for good roads from road users

Toll operators pay penalty to road users for poor roads

Both through FASTag.

This will ensure highways are properly maintained by the Toll operators, including maintaining markings, railings, rumblers, signboards, etc.

I'm a big fan of our minister Nitin Gadkari for his ability to break conventions. I hope he thinks over on this.

What do you guys think?

Here's what BHPian saisree had to say on the matter:

Nice idea and I strongly support that. It's implementable too.

Coming to the Chennai - Bangalore route, the stretch between Sri Perumbudur and the Chennasamudram toll, you were already credited with 50% of the toll. Thanks to the Madras High Court orders to collect 50% toll only until the road is widened and cleared of potholes.

Here's what BHPian aargee had to say on the matter:

As of 2021, they're far better, compared to what they used to be since 2015.

Your idea is good & wish it gets extended to zillions of other things which listed should crash the TBhp server itself without touching base with our respectable judiciary systems as well.

For consolation - Did you get to ride/drive on the NICE road? The attitude of people manning at toll booth, road condition & technology adaptation has been deteriorating for years now. Compared to that, Pennalur - Wallajah stretch has become pathetic to worse these days.

Here's what BHPian AKSarkar1 had to say on the matter:

The idea has merit but is close to unimplementable in India. The same reasoning has been around for ages even before FASTag was a thing and when we used to pay in cash. Collective action on the other hand can sometimes bring about miracles though.

This, of course, extends to so many other facets of our Indian lives, if we start using the same logic then soon we shall pay close to zero in any taxes because simply put:

What we pay in taxes >>> The benefit that we get from paying taxes

This scenario reminds me of another very discussed topic on our forum, lemon cars vs Bill Payments. Even if your car is a lemon and even if you are fed up while the workshop guys work on it, you will yet still have to pay the EMIs/other financial liabilities associated with the car since you are legally confined to do so. I see the same story with tolls, the only difference is that this time the lemons are the roads and the EMIs are toll taxes.

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