Bajaj-KTM working on lightweight electric mopeds

According to a media report, Bajaj and KTM will be developing lightweight electric mopeds. These are expected to go into production in 2022 and could be built at the Bajaj plant in Pune. They will be exported to other countries.

The platform is said to support scooters, mopeds and motorized bicycles. These will be sold under both brands.

The report claims that Bajaj and KTM had started development on Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) electric vehicles in FY2020. The PTW electric vehicles use 48 volt powertrains in the 3-10 kW power range.

It has also been reported that Bajaj and KTM are developing high-end electric motorcycles. In Europe, KTM has started producing two electric motorcycles called the KTM SX-E 5 and Husqvarna EE 5.


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