Bangalore police to crackdown non-ISI, imported helmet users


The Bangalore traffic police have announced that they will be cracking down on riders wearing non-ISI helmets from February 1, 2018 onwards. According to the police, riders with imported helmets certified by the US Department of Transport (DoT) or Europe's Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) will also be penalized.

In a reply to a tweet, the Bangalore traffic police clarified that helmets that meet global standards can be used, however R Hitendra - Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) later told the media that imported helmets without an ISI mark would not be accepted. 

In a recent development, the Bangalore top-cop has confirmed that a letter will be sent to the transport department seeking further clarification about non-ISI helmets, especially the imported ones that are supposedly tested to better standards than the ones laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). He has also said that the Bangalore Traffic Police will not implement the new rule until the transport department responds to their query.

Source: Times of India

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