BEML launches BH205E - India's largest dump truck

Bharat Earth Movers (BEML) has launched the BH205E, the largest dump truck in India. The vehicle, which has a maximum payload of 186 metric tons (205 US tons) is designed and developed indigenously and built at the company's plant in Mysuru.

When fully loaded, the BH205E weighs 335 tons. To move this massive weight, the truck has a tier-II compliant diesel engine and a GE-developed electric drive. With a total of 2300 hp and 9625 Nm of torque at its disposal, the truck can attain a claimed maximum speed of 65 kph. The BH205E is equipped with power steering and has a turning radius of 28 metres. Stopping power is provided by disc brakes on all wheels. The truck rides on 57-inch wheels and has a variable rate hydro pneumatic suspension with integrated rebound control.

The cabin of the BH205E is fully enclosed. It has an adjustable operator seat with air suspension and lumbar support, padded armrest, panel-mounted circuit breaker, sliding window on the right and a power window on the left, tinted safety glass windshield and an adjustable steering wheel, air conditioning and radio / cd, mp3 player with speaker. The truck's instrumentation consists of air cleaner service indicator, autolube visual / audio alarm, coolant temperature gauge, volt meter, fuel level gauge, speedometer, odometer and hourmeter, tachometer, engine oil pressure gauge, check engine indicator, high hydraulic temperature, low blower pressure, low brake pressure, low steering pressure, stop engine, hoist lever, horn, light dome, engine start / stop switch, headlight, tail light switch, high low beam indicator and switch, park brake switch and turn indicator lights and lever.

Optional equipment includes brake release system for towing, hot start (cold weather), body liners, jump start connector, additional lights, side profile marker, hydraulic filter restriction indicator, 12 volt power port, heater / defroster and rear view mirror.

Image courtesy: The Hindu

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