Bengaluru-Mysuru E-way: Solves yesterday's problems but not tomorrow's

If I thought average lane discipline on any regular day on this highway was bad, having water logged lanes made it worse.

BHPian mpksuhas recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I did the obviously stupid thing of traveling through this road during night in rain on a long weekend (1 May).

I was expecting the chaos due to long weekend traffic, I was on way to Bangalore from Calicut, hence was contemplating if to take Bannur - Mallavalli - Kanakapura road or come via the so called Expressway.

Decided against taking Kanakapura road since between Kanakapura and Bangalore due to the now stopped road work, it becomes bit tricky to drive in rains and in night with numerous unmarked speed breakers.

On hindsight, should have opted for Kanakapura road itself.

Reached near to Colombia asia - Mysore ring road junction around 8.15 PM, it took around 30 mins to cross the last 650 odd meters and get on to highway since the section of ring road was water logged and people were driving weirdly even after they see 2W going ahead of them through the water.

Got on to the highway around 8.45 PM, was soon greeted with a water logged section spanning the entire carriageway, on top of a flyover

Past that, there were multiple instances of water logging of varied depth/ width and length.

If I thought average lane discipline on any regular day on this highway was bad, having water logged lanes made it worse.

On top of this near to Channapatana, one idiot thought it was a good idea to reverse on the left lane since he wanted to take a missed exit. This caused a situation where multiple cars on left lane had to slow down / change lane and ended up holding up the entire traffic. It was pure luck that no one got rear ended since it was already bad situation with rain.

Overall, it took nearly 3 hours end to end to clear this road on that day.

The so called exits are anyway a design marvel in itself.

I been using this road regularly since 1999, first as a passenger in bus and then driving down. Those days the road widening of byepass to cities were just getting completed and the whole road else was 2 lane state highway.

Then came the 4 laning around 2004/ 05 and the major improvement now. Compared to earlier road, this is a major leap now, not just the width & quality of the road, but also with removal of many sharp turns and cities.

However, to call this as an E Way is bit far fetched. It doesn't have any access controlled entry / exits and what all are there looks like an after thought addition. One of those many infrastructure projects in our country, which solves the problems of yesterday but is not having any vision for tomorrow.

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