BHPian gets cheated by 3M Thiruvanmiyur

A BHPian has had a bad experience with 3M Thiruvanmiyur. In February 2019, he had gone to this outlet to have sunfilm fitted on his Honda WR-V. The advisors there told him to have CR70 film installed on top of the cheap sunfilm that was already installed on the car, which he agreed to. The new film, which cost him Rs. 28,900, was installed and there were 3M watermarks on all windows.

A few months later, the film installed on the driver window peeled and the car was back to the 3M outlet to get it fixed. They readily agreed to change the film under warranty. This time the car’s owner stayed back and after the replacement was done he noticed the technician wiping away something below the 3M watermarks. Upon inspection, it was noticed that he was wiping away "SP50" marker under "3M" on the film. When the owner asked why they were installing SP50 instead of CR70, the staff gave him a few different reasons, saying that both cost the same and that on windows it’s always SP50.

The owner, who had already spent 2-3 hours at the shop, had to leave taking their word for it. He still asked them why they were wiping away the watermark, and they said that's how it was done.

He always had a doubt, but did not have the time to follow up. Having checked, he realised that there is a big difference between SP50 and CR70.

This 3M outlet had wilfully committed a fraud with the sole intention to cheat. When the owner went back, they initially denied it and said he was confused and made a mistake. However, he insisted on them taking the car to any lab to check. At this point, they said that there was some confusion, but they would replace the film to avoid any of this confusion.

The owner has already got PPF, ceramic coating and lots of polishing work done from the same outlet. He is unsure if their work is genuine.

Thanks to BHPian thirdmainroad for sharing his first-hand experience on our forum.

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