Blaupunkt DH05 reversing camera on my XUV700: Installation & experience

Please note that the wiring kit that comes with DH05 is not compatible with the XUV.

BHPian sbm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I installed Blaupunkt DH05 in my AX5 today. Although the picture quality during the day is acceptable and the angle is pretty wide, I am appalled by the nighttime quality. I do not have experience regarding this matter, so please have a look at the attached pictures and tell me if it's like this only at night or if have I purchased the wrong/fake camera.

Please note that the wiring kit that comes with DH05 is not compatible with XUV, so either ask your service guys to arrange the original wiring kit separately or else buy the cheaper bumper-mount Mahindra camera (the one that costs Rs 2500) and use the wiring from that along with the Blaupunkt DH05 (both cameras are interchangeable). The total cost this way will be Rs 2500 for the Mahindra camera and Rs 2500 or so for the DH05 camera, i.e., Rs 5000. What you get extra with the DH05 is the moving guidelines and a much better viewing angle as compared to the AW60118 (Rs 3000) camera from Mahindra.

To summarise, I would say that those who are not in a hurry should try getting the AX7 camera installed in their car from a service centre. If they are not willing or don't know how to do it, wait for Bhpian Ravenavi's report on the same and then talk to your service guys to follow the same procedures.

Also, they did a software update to version 8, and after that, the DISCLAIMER remains there for a longer time, and the infotainment takes a long time to boot up at the start of the trip. Even if you engage the reverse gear, the screen shows DISCLAIMER and you can't see the rearview cam display. It works fine once the system is booted up. Is there any way to communicate these bugs to Mahindra?

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