BluArmor BluSnap2 helmet cooler launched

Aptener Mechatronics has launched BluSnap2 - an upgraded version of the helmet cooler that was introduced in January 2018. The new model comes with a new design and has additional features. It is priced at Rs. 2,299. 

Like the first iteration, BluSnap2 attaches to a full-face helmet. It is claimed to be lighter and smaller than its predecessor. It comes with a modular grille and a new vent design. The company claims that the changes have resulted in 25% better airflow than the old model. BluSnap2 can be attached to the helmet using a chin mount and is offered with extensions to fit specific helmets.

BluSnap2 features a removable anti-bacterial filter, which needs to be dipped in water for 10 seconds before installation. It uses a rechargeable battery that powers a fan to blow air through the filter, which also traps residual dust particles. The company claims that it can reduce the temperature inside the helmet by 15 degrees Celsius compared to the ambient temperature. It also has a de-fogging feature. The battery is claimed to have a run-time of 10 hours on a full charge.

BluArmor has partnered with Vega Auto to sell BluSnap2 at their retail outlets.

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