BluSnap wearable helmet cooler launched at Rs. 2,299

AptEner Mechatronics - a Bangalore-based start-up has launched BluSnap - a wearable helmet cooler that can be retrofitted to full-face helmets. The retail price of the product is Rs. 2,299 however, it can be pre-ordered for a discounted price of Rs. 1,899.

BluSnap is the first product in the company's BluArmor range of motorcycle gear. It can be worn around the mouth-vents of the helmet and is held in place using straps. It consists of a water reservoir, fan and a replaceable anti-bacterial filter. The fan is powered by a rechargeable battery and blows cool air into the helmet through a small tube that runs under the chin of the helmet. The battery is claimed to last for 10 hours on a single charge. The water reservoir has to be replenished after 2 hours of operation.

According to the company, BluSnap can circulate cool and dust-free air in the helmet. It is claimed that the temperature of the air inside the helmet is around 6-15 degrees Celsius cooler than the ambient temperature. Since BluSnap helps circulate air, it can also work as a defogger for the helmet visor.

AptEner Mechatronics and helmet manufacturer Vega Auto have announced a partnership wherein the latter will be marketing the product through its extensive dealer network.

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