BMW cars lose touchscreen feature due to chip shortage

The popular BMW 3 series is one of the models to lose out the feature.

BMW seems to be the latest carmaker that has been affected by the global chip shortage. According to a media report, the chip shortage has forced the German brand to remove the touchscreen functionality on its centrally-mounted infotainment unit.

The removal of the touchscreen functionality has been made in order to allow BMW to maintain its current production levels. The feature deletion will affect a number of models in the brand's line-up. This includes the brand's 3 Series, 4 Series, X5, X6, X7 and Z4 models.

Without the touchscreen functionality, the iDrive technology on the affected BMW models can be controlled exclusively via the physical controller on the centre console.

BMW models without the touchscreen functionality will be arriving at dealerships soon. Reports stated that customers who take delivery of their cars without the feature will be given a $500 credit by BMW.

Source: Bimmerfest

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