BMW R 1300 GSA Adventure globally unveiled

The BMW R 1300 GSA Adventure comes powered by the same 1,300cc boxer twin as the standard R 1300 GS.

BMW Motorrad has unveiled the all-new R 1300 GSA Adventure. The new BMW R 1300 GSA Adventure looks bulkier than before. It has a long list of features, and more range thanks to its large fuel tank and semi-automatic gearbox.

Starting off with the design, the new BMW R 1300 GSA Adventure has a boxier shape overall, cross-designed LED headlights, and a massive 30-litre fuel tank, all of which give it a dominating look on the open roads.

The BMW R 1300 GSA now comes with a taller windscreen, with optional electronic adjustment, and an optional front radar-guided system for its adaptive cruise control and collision warning. There is also a rear-facing radar system for the lane change warning feature.

In terms of luggage space, BMW offers the new GSA with pre-attached mounting points for luggage, a 12-litre tank bag, a 37-litre aluminium top case, and two panniers. Other features on offer include 19-inch and 17-inch wheels at the front and rear, respectively, with cross-spoke aluminium rims - enduro forged wheels are optional. The bike also comes with cornering ABS, lean-sensitive riding aids, hill-hold assist, engine brake control, adaptive ride height, pro ride modes, and electronic suspension; among a host of others.

The BMW R 1300 GSA Adventure comes powered by the same 1,300cc boxer twin as the standard R 1300 GS. The engine produces 143 BHP and 149 Nm and is paired with a 6-speed transmission positioned under the engine.

BMW offers the bike with its Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) tech, which allows riders to switch between manual and automatic modes. The R 1300 GSA gets EVO Telelever suspension at the front and EVO Paralevel suspension at the back, with full adjustment. Braking is achieved via dual 310 mm discs at the front and a single 285 mm disc at the rear.

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