Booked Nexon EV Max & was allotted 2-month-old model: Accept or reject

I checked the other models in the lot & all of them were manufactured in September. Only my car was manufactured in July.

BHPian rogues recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I booked my Nexon EV Max on May 12th, 2022, the day after it launched, with Trupti Motors, Bhubaneswar. I got information from the dealer that the cars are arriving towards the end of September. The car reached the dealership yesterday and today I went for an inspection before registration.

On checking the VIN number for the car allotted to me, I noticed that it was manufactured in July, 2022. I checked other cars on the lot, and all of them were manufactured in Sept, 2022.

When I asked the dealer why this was the case, they said that TATA assigns the cars and they have no control over it. I asked what the car was doing for so many days and they had no reasonable answer.

For now, I told them that I will not be accepting the car. They have said that they will schedule a call with a TATA sales representative.

What do you guys think? Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

2 months is no big deal, but what does raise eyebrows is:

  • It's a fast-moving product and one that's freshly launched. So, why is it still there? Test-drive demo car? Flood damage?
  • All other cars in the stockyard are fresh builds.

Do a full Team-BHP style PDI. But yes, do speak with Tata directly. If you haven't signed the registration papers, then the car is technically not your property. Tell them to allocate some other car.

With such things, it's always better to err on the side of safety as a car is such a big ticket item for any family. In terms of financial outflow, it's right after a house and (or on par with) education / wedding expenses.

Here's what BHPian SanjayW had to say about the matter:

With such a high-selling product still unsold, there could be some major problems with the car. It would be best to avoid it and buy the latest manufacturing model.

If you really want to get it, do a thorough PDI. If everything seems fine, you can go ahead but I would have gone for the latest manufacturing.

Here's what BHPian TROOPER had to say about the matter:

As a Tata Hexa owner, I'd advise you to not touch this 2-month-old car even with a barge pole.

Not that my Hexa has been unreliable, but there's been the usual niggle and warranty claim here and there. Here's the catch. During the BS4 fire sale in Nov 2019, we booked the Hexa at the discount being offered. The dealer tried to sneak in a June 2019 car. Obviously, we refused it. But the car was already loaded in Pune and en route to Mumbai.

During this time, I was in touch with a fellow BHPian who had links in the factory and he informed me there were additional discounts being offered for these old stocks. So we negotiated and got the additional discount.

So either the car allotted to you was held back at the factory and your dealer picked it for a discount. Or it was in his hands but he probably found it niggle loaded and as per Tata standards it took the requisite time to clear them out.

Unlike the Hexa, Nexon EV is selling like hotcakes. Since this is your first car, stay firm, and go for a freshly manufactured piece, irrespective of what promises the Tata representative makes.

Here's what BHPian bharanidharang had to say about the matter:

Two months is not too long. Was the color a non-popular one? Do a PDI and reject if you find something during the checking process. Additionally, if you have a good mechanic, take him along.

If you are worried, reject it now but remember you will have a longer wait period.

Take a judicious call.

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