Booked a TVS Ronin: 10 reasons why I chose it over its rivals

I had almost given up the hope that I would be able to find a perfect motorcycle for me since Honda Highness was too raw and heavy sounding for me.

BHPian achitantri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have also been looking to resume biking after 13 years (drove Suzuki Fiero F2 last). I am 41 and 5'7". Never liked RE bikes due to the annoying noise they make through exhaust (no offense to RE owners).

I had my back issues in my 30s so just could not gather enough courage to resume 2 wheelers. However I have been driving Honda Activa since last 2 years that gave me a little confidence to pick up motorcycling again (also for a major requirement to travel to Mumbai from Pune and back at least once in a month).

So finally took a plunge and started TDing motorcycles suitable for long distance driving with flickability to drive in cities as well (pune mumbai is almost 40% - 45% city driving).

So here goes my 2 cents on the test drives:

V-strom: My love for Suzuki so was the first bike I TDed, it was a love at first sight in almost every aspect but a let down due to my own height constraint so was out. I just could not manage the bike.

Gixxer: I could no more ride a racer bike due to its riding stance so it was out too and so I did not TD any similar bike.

Honda Highness: Again love at first sight, amazing weight management, suspension and driving dynamics. I was in for the same however thought I will TD others as well.

RE bikes: Meteor, Himalayan, Hunter - could not manage due to their weights plus suspension was disturbing due to my back issues so rejected outrightly.

Jawa, Yezdi - Could not manage due to their weights so rejected outrightly.

Kawasaki W175: This one motorcyle impressed me a lot. Perfectly balanced, sprung and drove like a charm. The biggest let down was that I was trying to shift to a higher gear at 70 kmph to get better drivability however the higher band lacked power. Only if Kawasaki could make a 300cc cruiser motorcyle as of today for India, it would have been the number one in sales without any second thought.

Avenger 220 cruiser: Perfect suspension but very bad handling at low speeds like turning and jerky gear shifts so rejected the same.

TVS Ronin: Suzuki DNA felt everywhere when I TD one. I agree that a motorcycle is more than a machine when enthsiasts like us drive one, but I strongly feel that it has to be first a perfect combination of balance, comfort, power, torque to obtain that desired drivability. I found it more manageable than Hiness and even better sounding than the same.

Points that went in favour of Ronin:

  • Manageable weight for my height, age and weight (I am 70 kgs)
  • Sound from exhaust is like a typical suzuki motorcycle, not too loud, thumping and noisy
  • Torque available in the entire revv range (I do not intend to take the motorcycle beyond 90 kmph)
  • Comfortable suspension setup both in front and the back (I consciously took the bike over bad patches, you will find a lot of them in pune city)
  • Confidence inspiring ride due to ABS
  • Perfect braking power
  • Ease of riding at low speeds on higher gears and picking up speed from there
  • Riding stance and seat comfort (This depends a lot on riders' height and weight though)
  • Oh yes, that instantaneous springing of life in the motorcycle by that little starter switch
  • Uniqueness (Have you ever seen a motorcycle like that before?)

I had almost given up the hope that I would be able to find a perfect motorcycle for me since Honda Highness was too raw and heavy sounding for me, Kawasaki W175 lacked power in the top revv band and others were rejected due to the reasons mentioned above. This all till I TDed Ronin.

I am expecting the delivery of the metallic grey top end model here in Pune for myself in the next 3 days with number plates and everything.

Hope to have a wonderful dealer and delivery experience and enjoy my upcoming rides with my new love. Expecting that my back would be happy with Ronin and I would be able to re-live those wonderful motorcycling days, signing off for now.

Would be soon publishing my wonderful ownership experience with few travelogues to share.

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