Bought an almost new GT 650, dealer not handing over the original RC

The dealer got the RC from the original owner after nearly 5 months & now he's refusing to give it to me & wants me to let him get it transferred.

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I have got into a problem with RC transfer and need some suggestions. Here is the story:

I bought a GT650 from a dealer but the bike was very new and the original owner had sold the bike even before he got his RC to this dealer. After I bought this bike from the dealer I had a tough time procuring the original RC because the original owner didn't care about it and it was lying with the RTO and they would not give it to me.

After nearly 5 months, the dealer somehow got the RC card after coaxing the original owner to get it from RTO. Now when I ask the dealer to send me the RC card he is refusing to do it and is insisting he will do the RC transfer. But having had a horrible experience with this dealer for the last 5 months, I don't want anything to do with him and asked him to send me the RC card saying I will do the transfer but he is refusing to give me the RC.

Now my question is: whose responsibility is it to get the RC transfer done when the vehicle is sold; isn't it only between the owner and the buyer? Can the dealer withhold the original RC card from the new owner? What can be done? Will a complaint help?

Here's what BHPian had to say about the matter:

Just last month there was a proposed amendment which makes dealers liable for the transfer of ownership. There's a thread on it on TBHP too. Maybe your dealer is trying to ensure it on his behalf since they're likely to be legally accountable now. Best to give them some time and follow up regularly I suppose.

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Suggest getting it done by the dealer asap. If one were to go through an agent in Bangalore, the total including RTO charges would be in the range of 3-3.5k. Keep this in mind while you talk with the dealer and try to get a smooth closure to this.

Peace of mind is very important, and IMO pls don't be stuck on doing it yourself/not allowing the dealer to do it. During the process itself, before you get the actual card, you can check the status of the transfer on the parivahan portal. This will help you track the progress.

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In my opinion, there is no harm in the dealer doing it. Why do you want to break your head when he is ready to do it and take on all the hassles?

There may be a fee for sure for the transfer, but it is one time, and you get your peace of mind for a lifetime. Close it asap otherwise you will be unable to enjoy what you got!

Here's what BHPian RT13 had to say about the matter:

You’re in a bind. It was a bad idea to buy it without the documents but that’s done now. Pissing this guy off is only going to make it harder for you. He’s not even saying it won’t get done, he’s just saying he’ll do it, not you. And as a dealer, it seems like a fairly reasonable precaution considering the number of people out there who may try and keep it on the original RC so it depreciates it less (no reflection on you personally). Let him do it. Picking a fight with him is absolutely pointless because you’re the one who needs this and you are at a disadvantage. For your own peace of mind, just ask for a scan/pic/copy of the current RC while he proceeds, so you have something on record. Be amiable, ask him nicely to get it done fast and then move on with your life.

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