Bought a heavily discounted 2021 Audi A4, replaced my City VX

While I was looking to buy a Skoda Superb, a last-minute offer from Audi turned things around instantly.

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Hello Everyone,

I am very thankful to the Team-BHP community and this thread. I also happened to buy Audi A4 (Technology Variant). So basically, I had been looking to buy a luxury car for a very long time. I had Honda City VX (O) 2014 and wanted to upgrade to a luxury segment. I have been active on the Team-BHP forum but never posted anything.

Since the car prices have been ever-increasing, especially after covid when the taxation and chip shortage have made cars more expensive. C Class 2 years back was available at 55 OTR and now it's at 59 OTR. I knew that getting anything lower than 45 OTR is going to be a struggle, especially due to no stock with the dealers of BMW & Mercedes. Honestly, Audi was never in my list because I have driven Audi A4 the pre-facelift model and it felt very underpowered. The 143HP TDI engine wasn't impressive at all.

I have always been a sedan fan and still going strong with that. My budget was 35-40 OTR. In the market which is flooded with SUVs, I only had Octavia & Superb as a great VFM option. BMW 3 series, C Class felt overpriced since maximum I was getting 5 lakhs discount, C Class has cramped rear space and again expensive. I did think about Volvo S60 and Jaguar XE but again, it never fit into my budget. Since I was very disappointed with Audi A4 2017 model, I never bothered to check with them.

But all that changed when I read this thread that someone in Rajkot got for Rs 39 lakh OTR. That was a sweet deal. During that time, I was getting Skoda Superb L&K for Rs 38 Lakh OTR and it was no brainer anybody would go for Audi A4. So I called up Audi West Mumbai and took a test drive and boy, I was blown away with the new 40 TSI 2.0-litre 187 BHP engine. I was so impressed with the fit and finish of the car, the quality and the loaded features that I was going to go for the Premium Plus variant as it was actually VFM. I was getting a deal at 40 OTR and the day I called up to book, it was sold out. I was very disappointed because, after a long time, I had got the car I wanted and the price which was within my budget. But then, they offered me Technology Variant for Rs 45.5 lakh OTR and after a hard bargain, I could come down to Rs 44.5 lakh OTR (road tax + insurance included). Rs 44.5 lakh OTR does not include extended warranty service. In accessories, I was given Audi LED Logo, Audi floor mats, body cover, keychain & myAudi connect complimentary (free).

I really love the car. I love the exterior of the car, especially the new DRLs and rear taillights look so premium. I know that many think BMW is far better when it comes to driving but I wanted an overall good package car as it's for my family. I wanted a practical car that has good rear space, boot space, good driving dynamics and a nice peppy engine and not to forget, I love Audi Virtual Cockpit. For me, it's a substantial upgrade from Honda City 2014 and I am very happy with the purchase. The price is obviously the biggest factor that drove me towards Audi A4 but I feel it's a stellar deal considering chip shortages has made car manufactures having less stock and ever-increasing car prices due to increasing input cost. I remember one of my friends buying a BMW 3 series GT for Rs 45 lakh OTR like 4 years back and today me buying an Audi A4 with much better features for Rs 44.5 lakh OTR is a good deal in 2021. I don't know how the market will go ahead and what discounts might come up for Diwali and year-end but I'm very happy with the purchase.

Thank you so much to all the members. You guys have been a great help. With the real passion for cars that we all have, we hope we can continue and inspire every other person out there.

Attaching few photos. I will definitely attach more photos once I click them. How the car looks at night and few small details. If you want to know more about the car or want to see any specific things about the car, I would be happy to click the photos and attach them. Also would be happy to answer any of your queries. Audi A4 at Rs 40-45 lakh OTR is a great deal and VFM. Go for it, wherever you are getting this deal.

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