Bought my first big bike: Upgraded from Pulsar 150 to Super Meteor 650

This Royal Enfield has good low-end torque and is easy to ride at slow speeds too.

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I was informed around 4 pm on Saturday that my bike is ready for delivery and to reach by 5:30 to collect it. I was outside but rushed back home and started along with my wife to collect it. But as luck would have it, there was a continuous downpour which started suddenly and we reached the showroom partially drenched.

Delivery experience

Since it was raining, the delivery was a sombre experience with the bike readied in the basement and delivered without any fanfare. In fact, the bike was handed over to us by a delivery mechanic. We were given a fuel coupon for 4 litres from a nearby bunk and other documents (+ medical kit & 2 sets of keychains).

We were asked to come the next day at 12 to get the accessories installed by the same mechanic. So off I went gingerly as it was still drizzling, fueled up and then went home. As it was still raining, we planned to visit the temple the next day. Wife did a small pooja at home herself.

Next morning went to the famous bull temple to get blessings for the vehicle. Post that went to the showroom to get the accessories fitted. We were there at 12:05 and were told it will be ready by 3. We loitered around the area, shopping & finishing lunch and were back by 3:30 only to see our bike just starting to get attended to. It took almost 2.5 hours post us going back to get the bike ready (backrest took a long time). By that time it started raining again. So by the time we were out of the showroom, it was 6:30. Whole day was almost wasted there. Anyways thanked the SA and handed over a sweet box which we had got.

Ride experience

This is my first big bike and am still getting to know the bike. So have been pottering around town (have put in around 50 kms as of today) slowly. Bike is heavy when stationary but is easily flickable when riding and is easy to manage even in heavy traffic which we encountered on Saturday. One can feel the heat from the engine in slow traffic though. So definitely not to be ridden with shorts I feel.

Has good low torque and is easy to ride at slow speeds too. I have been getting false neutrals sometimes but it is mostly to do with me still getting to grips with the bike and the gear patterns (my old bike P150 had all gears down as the pattern). Will update after riding some more. Have planned a long ride next weekend and get some kms on the bike.

Accessories installed

  • Butterfly leg guard - Really necessary for the pillion rider.
  • Sump guard
  • Backrest
  • Front foot pegs

Freebies: Absolutely none.

Showroom : Kwality mobikes, Banashankari

Overall experience (showroom and delivery):

Things I liked

  • Booking and loan experience was good. They were constantly communicating once the bike was at the showroom.
  • PDI was allowed and they were in fact eager to help as well.

Things that could be better

  • Since it was raining heavily on Sat, I called up midway and asked if I can collect it on Sunday. I was told no deliveries on Sunday and so can happen on Monday. But since I was having important meetings on Monday morning I managed to collect on Sat itself. But imagine my surprise when I got to know that they are planning deliveries on Sunday. Soured my experience.
  • Accessories installation was supposed to be completed by 3pm. But they prioritized other vehicles and finished it up and then started on mine. And it took quite a long time for that to be completed compounded by the heavy rain on Sunday evening as well.
  • There was no photo op or bike delivery presentation done by the SA. In fact after I went and mentioned all the other bikes (Standard, Hunters) getting delivered with a photo and a key handover, they told me they will do it for me and hurriedly did it. I was not happy but at least posed for posterity's sake.
  • This may sound silly but they do not have a coffee machine at least. On both days we were drenched (esp on Sat) and there was nothing available. And there are no nearby coffee shops.

Anyways all these are secondary. Was very happy riding the bike around. Still getting used to the cruiser stance and the heaviness of the bike. Will share more updates post a long ride.

Sharing some pics. Haven't done a proper photo shoot. Will plan and share some good pics.

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