Bought an S-Presso from Maruti True Value: 50,000 km service experience

The fuel efficiency has seen a significant boost and the shuddering issue I was experiencing has completely disappeared.

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Just got the 50k km service done

The 40k km service was actually done when the odometer was at 37k kilometers, and now it's sitting at 46,500 kilometers, prompting me to drop it off for service again. Since I bought it through True Value, I still have three free services left, and this is the first one. Most of the major maintenance was taken care of during the 40k service, so no complaints there, except for the occasional clutch shuddering at low speeds. But good thing there's warranty coverage for that, so I'm planning to make use of it and get the clutch replaced for free.

Before heading to the service center, I made sure to snap some pictures of the engine bay, battery, and a few other important items. I also took a picture of the spare tire, just in case someone decides to swap it out. You know, I've gotten into the habit of photographing everything inside and out as a precautionary measure.

It took a solid 30 to 45 minutes at the service center, and it was surprisingly busy even though it was a weekday. I informed them to do the usual general service, including an engine oil change with full synthetic oil (Mobil1), replacing the oil filter, and cleaning the AC filter.

Now, onto the issues I had:

Steering Issue

I tried explaining the steering problem in various ways, but their response was that it would only auto-straighten at speeds of 30 kmph or above due to the force. They mentioned that this is just how it is with this car model and there's nothing they can do about it.

Suzuki Smartplay App

Since I bought the car from True Value, the Suzuki app's VIN number was still registered under the first owner's details. This prevented me from connecting the app to my mobile phone, meaning I couldn't use the navigation or CarPlay features.

Their response was that there was no way to change the mobile number from the first owner's details. They suggested using either CarPlay or Android Auto, which also required a wired connection. However, the USB port wasn't working and couldn't detect my phone, so I couldn't use CarPlay either. They agreed to check and resolve the issue, and thankfully, I can now use CarPlay they fixed the USB port issue but I can never get access to Suzuki smartplay app since the number cannot be changed. They didn't charge me anything for this USB port fix.

Clutch shuddering

The clutch shuddering issue wasn't a major concern, but I did notice it happening occasionally in heavy traffic, particularly in 1st and 2nd gear. Since my car is still under warranty for another year, I thought it would be wise to address it now rather than later. When I brought it up with the service center, they agreed to replace the clutch under warranty, but they mentioned it would take 3 to 4 days as they needed to order the spare part.

I told them to go ahead and order it, and once it arrived, they could give me a call, and I'd bring the car in for replacement. However, during the pickup after the service, they informed me that they had made some adjustments to the clutch to try and reduce the shuddering issue. They suggested giving it a test run and letting them know if the problem persisted, if yes then they will order the part. Surprisingly, I haven't experienced any shuddering issues since then, even after driving around 200 kilometers in heavy traffic.

Anyway even if the issue does resurface, I still have plenty of time left on my warranty to get the clutch replaced at no extra cost.

Overall Cost paid for this service - 4144 /-

Here are the improvements I noticed after the service:

  • The mileage has seen a significant boost! Previously, I was getting around 14- 15 in the city, but now it's increased to a solid 17.
  • Remarkable reduction in vibrations, and the shuddering issue I was experiencing has completely disappeared. It's like driving on smooth silk now!

Adding a few pictures!


Engine bay after service


Inspector Paw is on duty, actively sniffing around to make sure those wheels smell as fresh as a daisy after the car service.

It's a sure sign that everything's just right and good to go. Four-legged inspector has given the four wheels a hearty tail wag of approval!

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