Braking issue on my Virtus: VW service centre says nothing is wrong

I could feel a sizeable difference in the pedal action between my car and a newer VW Virtus GT.

BHPian SUVolens recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I took my GT back to VW Noida yesterday since I distinctly felt a problem with the brake pedal modulation - slight depression doesn’t retard speed as effectively as originally experienced and as a result, in traffic, the braking is really jerky when the brakes bite suddenly at a higher pedal depression.

My car has been run for 3300 kms only and the workshop techs did everything from scraping the front pads and rotors, hooking it up on the diagnostic system (no faults reported) and even TD-ing it against a newer Virtus GT. It was so frustrating that I could feel the sizeable difference in pedal action between the two cars and even the works manager himself couldn’t!

I had to come away with their assurances that there’s nothing wrong since ‘the system says so’. Aren’t there any seat-of-the-pants mechanics surviving any more? Anyone else here has faced a similar issue on their GT/1.0?

Here's what BHPian audioholic had to say about the matter:

I guess that's the Hydraulic Brake assist coming into action after a certain degree of brake pedal being applied.

When HBA kicks in, it adds brake pressure to the system to decrease the stopping distance. This gives you a non-linear feel over the brakes especially if you press brake almost halfway and then maintain constant pressure thinking that the car will slow down linearly, but it slows down faster than you expect.

This can be changed by the VW guys using their diagnostic tool. By default, HBA is set to normal which can be changed to early or late based on your preference. Just convince them to hook up the PC and go to adaptations for ABS/Brake. They can find the setting there.

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say about the matter:

Adjust / inspect the rear brakes, if it has drum brakes in the rear the technicians won't bother to check.

Also, check if the handbrake has more play, it should not have much play and it should be firm as you start to pull.

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