Brought home a Mahindra Scorpio-N Z8L: Initial impressions

The average fuel economy is around 10-11 kml in city and 16-17 kml on highways.

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Mahindra Scorpio N D-AT Delivery experience

Hi everyone. I wanted to share me delivery and PDI experience while buying the scorpio n. The delivery was taken on 20th december, but posting this now as was busy.

How did we get it?

All was because of user @RaiVW. I read his post and called Dee Em Mahindra, Lajpat Nagar to check of the stock, as the showroom in Noida did not have any black Z8L, which were my priority. I had went to the showroom and was coming back when I decided to call the showroom, and thankfully they said that they had a black Z8L D-AT in stock. Went to the showroom and followed up with all the paperwork. The spokesperson said that I could take PDI on 17th.

PDI Experience

I took my son with me to check the cars. The Team-BHP PDI guide helped a lot, and upon arriving, the car looked spotless. I checked everywhere, and the only niggle I could find was a little bit of rubber sticking out from the crease of the bonnet. The car showed it was 123km, which was a lot. Still, since there was no problem in the car, we did the payment all in cash. The car costed 25.6 Lakhs on road.

Pics of the car during PDI


The delivery was taken on the 20th. The car was 168km driven till then. The fuel was also low, but we did get a coupon to fill it at a near petrol pump. The total cost for a full tank, which was around 5k rupees, surely seemed intimidating after driving a CNG car all these years, but nothing matches the sheer bulk of this car.

Pic of the delivery with my son.

After a 1000kms

The car has performed exceptionally well. The ride quality and the steering is something which my friend's Fortuner can't even come close to. The average fuel economy is around 10-11 in city and 16-17 on highways. I even get 19-21 kmpl sometimes, which for a 2 tonne monster of a car, is phenomenal. There is quite a difference of power across all the three drive modes. Zip is for cruising, and this is ample power. Zap makes a noticeable difference, and it is the default mode which gets enabled whenever you start the car. In Zoom mode, the car feels altogether different. You suddenly have to grip the steering hard because of the sheer pull of the motor.

All in all, very happy with my purchase

Thank you

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