Brought home my TVS Ronin: 23 observations & accessories installed

The TVS application is amazingly intuitive and comes with a lot of information and analytics to help one ride better.

BHPian achintatri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

T-Rex Comes HOME

I remember when I could ride, the wheels were in the air.

No matter where she went, 'twas a love affair.

Those revving goals and throttling dreams, with thrilling dawns and dusky beams .

Enduring was the every ride, hopes in the air and heart with that pride.

I could map the universe with every gear, and stride the same then without any fear.

Destination or no destination, the spirit was always there.

No matter where she went, 'twas a love affair.

This one is dedicated to my last motorcycle 'Suzuki Fiero F2' that I rode for 6 years and last in 2010. It has been 13 years since then and I have been struggling with my fear to ride those beautiful two legged machines again, had it not been for my back issues. I turned 41 last year yeah.

So finally, I gathered courage (my appreciation to my fellow t-bhpians here) and thought why not give one more chance to yet another love affair and so comes my new love I call the 'T-Rex'. My new TVS Ronin TD.

Initial Impressions:

What a color & what a sound,

with beastly presence yet manners so profound.

I still ride like a king though my kingdom might be released,

Don't worry the beast won't harm you, it's me who is unleashed.

Initial Ownership Report (And some important accessory updates)

As usual I have been a little busy in getting the T-Rex accessorize.

Riding Experience till now:

  • Rides perfectly well, I usually am not required to go below 3rd gear that can be maintained for speed not below 18 kmph.
  • Pillion Riders have given full marks for their seat comfort and I am also happy with my seat comfort as a rider.
  • Still not completely happy with the right side rear view mirror coverage of the rear traffic (will check for a replacement in aftermarket solutions).
  • BTW, Bajaj Avenger's mirrors unfortunately are not a direct fit.
  • Haven't driven the beast for more than 50 kmph due to the Running In period constraints so cannot comment about the high revv range performance.
  • Rear suspensions are a bit on the stiffer side but as per the service technician they should be sorted out soon (just as I experienced during the TD).
  • Everyone around me including myself loves the sound of the beast when it starts.
  • While running, the engine note is very smooth and buttery.
  • Rear braking needs a little effort in case that is the only one you wish to use but I use both the brakes so no issues till now.
  • Haven't tested the RAIN mode yet.
  • The TVS application is amazingly intuitive and comes with a lot of information and analytics to help one ride better.
  • The navigation on the screen is OK and I usually rely on Google maps.
  • T-Rex is heavy so one needs to be aware when you are standing with the bike and its not on any stand (any little push left or right and you are prepared for a fall again all depends upon your weight and stamina to control this thing).
  • Turning radius, I agree, is on a broader side and sometimes you need to steer multiple times to turn properly (this in case of less space available).
  • Turning radius to me hasn't been much of an issue till now.
  • The high beam can make any rider coming from the front blind and the horn can make any one deaf (if used continuously).
  • I love the hazard lights while driving the beast (gives a feeling of VIP movement with that 'T' light shining along with the hazard light).
  • This motorcycle is capable of picking up at any speed and gear, again intended for relaxed cruising and not for racers (I would not recommend anyone racing with this bike not due to it's stance but due to the fact that it is not intended for the same).
  • I have been checking the Engine heat, starts from 34 degree Celsius and goes to 84 degree Celsius (checked with max 24 kms at a stretch with max speed of 50 kmph).
  • You CANNOT change the modes (URBAN - RAIN and vice versa) while throttling.
  • False neutral issues are there but I would say 1 in every 1000 strides.
  • Gear shifting is butter smooth (Slipper Assist Clutch is a boon)
  • Indicator Switch is like a dead man's hand.


Let the below pictures explain them.

The much awaited mobile holder (had to return 4 before I finally fixed this one). Fortunately found the diameter on the handle to fix it otherwise it is very difficult to fix any mobile holder on Ronin due to its thicker or larger handle diameter. The unit looks well built.

Amazon Link for the same.

Also seen is another accessory with the above mobile holder that can be directly fixed on the lower handle only if one can procure a larger upper bolt to fix the unit.

The USB unit (Fixed from the showroom, available with TVS, the flip case is very well built and gives confidence that the water will not seep in)

The loneranger saddle bag (Fixed it on otherwise non usable Saaree Guard, also forfeited the same with some cable ties on the top, works perfectly, it is waterproof as well).

And who can ride one without the TBHP sticker.

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