Brought home a used 1.78 lakh km run 2011 Toyota Fortuner

This car is not my daily driver, and I'd still prefer to use my Duke 390 in town over even a Fabia / Nano. This is for drives to Goa, Ladakh and the North East.

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A local used car dealer known to my family sent me pictures of a single-owner impeccably maintained 2011 4x4 MT Fortuner which has done 1.7 Lac Kms.

Yesterday I drove it, and the vehicle is indeed impeccably maintained, all the issues I found were cosmetic and on the interior which is to be expected for a 2011 vehicle. My plan is to install new carpets and seat cushions and covers anyways and add some accessories like a reverse camera and navigation.

I would have preferred an AT (so wife wouldn't hate it) but those are rarer than unicorns or are twice the price of this one.

  • Seller is asking 10L for it, and I would like to know what a good price range for a 2011 model should be?
  • How much can I expect to pay for a 4x4 AT 1st gen Fortuner?
  • Is my understanding correct that vehicles made after 2016 are 2nd Gen and came with more than 2 front airbags?
  • I plan to take it to the local Toyota showroom for them to give their opinion on the vehicle, anything else I should be getting inspected before discussing price for the vehicle, would 9L or lower be too low for this model?

Any other advice is appreciated, thank you!

Here's what BHPian iTnerd had to say on the matter:

Just to make your choice easier, there are no AT as well as no 4X2 in the 1st gen Fortuner, at least in India. Both these options where introduced later in 2012 facelift.

And all 1st Gen fortuners (from 2009 to 2015) comes only with 2 airbags.

For a 11 year old fortuner with 1.7 lacs kms, I won't offer more than 8 Lacs. And yes, do take it to ASC and cross check everything. good luck!

Here's what BHPian cool_dube had to say on the matter:

What is your use case, if I may ask? If the intent is to just bash it around on off-road trails and this will not be your primary/family car, should still be okay.

While it is a Toyota and a Fortuner, it is 11 year old and the odo-reading is not low either. Please be mentally prepared to spend time and money on regular maintenance, should you end up buying it. Moreover, this generation might not be safest around - 2 airbags, no rear discs, erratic braking, etc. Tempting as it might be, please do consider all these aspects before you take the plunge.

Here's what BHPian Doonite had to say on the matter:

Not related to the first gen Fortuner but hopefully this helps a prospective buyer.

I don't have the pictures in hand but my relative upgraded to an used 2nd gen Fortuner 4x2 MT(2015) from his Xuv500 (launch edition) a year and a half back as per my suggestions. He could've purchased any high model of the german marquees as well but wanted a reliable workhorse as his running is anywhere from 30-50k kms a year and the Xuv500 had given big headaches during it's life.

The car was purchased from a used car dealer in Karol Bagh, Delhi and was owned by a person who worked in the dutch embassy if i recall correctly. It was immaculately maintainted with only the driver side door repainted which is fine as the job was well done and car had full service records. The odo reading was somewhere around 59,000 kms. The purchase price came down to 15.5 Lakhs from an original asking price of 17.5 after some negotiations and there was some % of dealer commission as well iirc.

Since then, my relative has only spent on regular service and upgraded the tyres to Apollo Apterra AT2. He also removed the bench seats in the middle row and added seperate captain seats with padding but the expected comfort level is still not upto the mark as per him. There has been 0 niggles to speak of as the car has run well over 1 lac kms and continues to do it's duty reliably. There are no rattles or squeaks from anywhere.

I don't see any point in taking a gamble on this particular Fortuner as the first gen is too long in the tooth now and the ride was supposedly very bumpy if we go by the official reviews. Even though it's a Toyota, that mileage is something i wouldn't be comfortable with especially in such a old model. If your budget is strict, then you may get it checked at Toyota ASC and then take an informed call.

If the budget can be stretched, then I'd strongly suggest to go for the 2nd gen later year models as they have extra electronic safety tech and they are available aplenty. Just look for a low to medium mileage model that has not been modified especially with those cheap chinese LED's that people love to adorn the 2nd gen Fortuner with.

BHPian Strykar had the following update to share:

Thank you all for the responses, I did pull the trigger on the car

My reasons:

  • Came via known party, single owner, impeccably maintained and the service history
  • The ASC took almost a whole day to inspect the vehicle, the chief service engineer for Fortuner's took a long drive with me and he was happy with the vehicle's engine, transmission and suspension
  • The few 2nd Gen's I had found were 14L+ and way over my budget
  • I didn't mind buying a 1st gen and dropping some money on parts as needed
  • I closed the deal for a lot less than he asked and was glad to read the amounts suggested here

My next steps are to replace the rear brake pads and take it for a drive to Goa and Karwar. Then replace floor carpet and ceiling upholstery, seat covers, head / fog lamps and install a navigation unit. Let's see if this drive pops anything loose.

Did some light off roading at a farm near Shirval, which has a mud track approach only in the rains, I did not even lock center diff on the well worn Michelin AT's, the vehicle breezed through with an occasional mild skid.

This car is not my daily driver, and I'd still prefer to use my Duke 390 in town over even a Fabia / Nano. This is for drives to Goa, Ladakh and the North East. After 5 or more years, I will probably sell it or go full nuts and install lockers, 6 inch lifts and 36" tires and keep it as a pure off-roading car.

I have tons of questions on accessories and mods, will post them in the appropriate sub-forum, cheers!

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